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Nsube Sat 14-Jan-12 17:57:47

can anyone tell me why and how my iPad 1 won't download the IOS?

Nsube Sat 14-Jan-12 17:58:22

That should be IOS 5

Ariadne Sat 14-Jan-12 18:10:28

Eh? Have ipad but the anacronym escapes me...senior moment!

Nsube Sat 14-Jan-12 18:12:39

Operating system5 . I keep being told on various apps that I need to update to 5. When I synch it with the big computer it gets 90% of the wY and then says it can't do it.

jeni Sat 14-Jan-12 18:15:10

Mine is doing the same. That's why I'm going to apple tomorrow.

Nsube Sat 14-Jan-12 18:19:59

Report back please Jeni

jeni Tue 17-Jan-12 16:54:55

Reporting back ma'am as ordered.
Apparently my version iTunes was not the latest one. Once iTunes was updated, all went with no problem. Whole thing only took 3 to 4 hours!


Nsube Tue 17-Jan-12 17:19:46

Thank you very much! I obviously need to get down to the apple store ASAP and factor in four hours shopping between times!

jeni Tue 17-Jan-12 17:28:08

You can update iTunes yourself on your main computer. They only did it for me I think as I was there with iPad and my toshiba and I was spending a lot of money with them on my new mac. It is loading iTunes and backing up the iPad that seems to take most of the time. Try that at home first. Check you have latest version of iTunes on big boy. If it still doesn't work you need to book an appointment with the genius bar at your local apple store.

Nsube Tue 17-Jan-12 17:37:09

Thank you. My son tried to update last time when it didn't work so I'll pass all instructions on to him.

janthea Wed 18-Jan-12 11:22:53

You just need to remember to make sure you always have the latest version of iTunes and then there shouldn't be a problem. I love my iPad!!!

MaggieP Wed 18-Jan-12 14:55:49

I am an iPad addict since we bought one last June! I downloaded the IOS5 within about an hour after the first rush had gone (when the upgrade first arrived)
I just followed the Apple instructions and it sort of just happened....

Apple did say it is important to back up weekly with the main computer.
Good luck