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Phone calls from India

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nanapug Thu 02-Feb-12 17:08:54

Although we have the telephone preference service in place we are getting daily (sometimes more) calls from a company (?companies), obviously based in India, telling us we have a fault on our Windows computer program, and offering to help. This is obviously a scam as we don't actually use Windows and my OG, who is a computer whiz, says it is not possible for them to tell anyway. I am very fed up with it, so this morning I told Jack West (who had a strong Indian accent!!) that I didn't own a computer. He then became very cross with me and told me off for wasting his time as I hadn't told him immediately and he was a very busy man. I am afraid my reply had quite a few expletives in it!! Does any one know how to go about stopping these calls please before I get done for verbal abuse!!!

Ariadne Thu 02-Feb-12 17:34:27

There's another thread on this somewhere, nanapug. But actually no answers to what we can actually do.

Anne58 Thu 02-Feb-12 18:12:04

Def. another thread on this exact subject, but not sure which one it is. Could tech help you find it?

Elegran Thu 02-Feb-12 18:23:15

It is in the "Am I being unreasonable" topic and the thread is called "to be annoyed"

If anyone has a permanent answer to this menace I should be glad to hear it.

Elegran Sat 04-Feb-12 12:55:06

Here is an article about this

flowerfriend Sat 04-Feb-12 13:33:11

My son recently answered the phone in a relatives house in Wales and that lot were on the line and as there were at least eight computers with different users there he asked which one. He was told that which one wasnt something he understood. S cottoned on and told them he wasnt giving access to his computer or anyone elses. What I dont understand is how this particular scam is still going on. The Guardian article is from last July.

gracesmum Sat 04-Feb-12 13:45:34

They are just annoying and while I do try to remain polite as everybody has to earn a living somehow, it truly winds me up especially if I am waiting for an important call and daren't ignore the phone.

Pennysue Tue 07-Feb-12 13:18:31

I have just had a call from "the technical department regarding your computer" Told him were to go "go forth and multiply" and put the phone down. Hope he understood what I meant.

goldengirl Wed 08-Feb-12 13:47:32

I had SEVEN of these wretched calls yesterday AND we have telephone preference service but I presume as they're from abroad they don't count. I'm concerned about the older people who take a while to get up to answer the phone then are worried by someone telling them they have a problem they don't understand. And then of course there are the recorded messages. It's driving me absolutely nuts. My DD gets my GD to talk to them so he asks them about the weather, what they had for breakfast etc.....I'm afraid though I've lost my sense of humour on this one. It's a violation of our privacy and there should be some loophole we could find to stop it but I don't know where to start. Any legal eagles out there?

GoldenGran Wed 08-Feb-12 14:08:30

They are targeting everyone at the moment, I get about four a week. My sister -in- law has them, telling her to switch on her computer- she doesn't even have one.I don't know what to do about them.

Elegran Wed 08-Feb-12 14:18:34

The next one to phone me will be told in a receptionist-type voice " By law, I am required to inform you that this telephone conversation is being recorded. It will be analysed for voice recognition purposes and the results added to a database which will be available to those inconvenienced by repeated scams. If your vocal patterns are identified on a future call you may find that the call is automatically terminated and your service provider informed." and then the phone will be put down smartly.

Is it true? As true as their scam. Fight fire with fire.

The more people who respond with this statement, the more likely it is that a rumour will circulate around the grapevine, and perhaps at least some of them will call it a day.

Hattie64 Wed 08-Feb-12 19:55:05

I have been having far too many of these calls recently, seriously getting on my nerves. I had one today (from India) saying they were from the Electricity Board, since when have we had a Electricity Board, telling me I could save 40% off my electrical board, if I bought a certain 'gadget', which entailed credit card number. They must think we are all stupid.

Seventimesfive Wed 08-Feb-12 20:38:33

Does anyone else get blocked calls on their mobile? I've had a few lately which of course I don't answer. I haven't blocked any, don't think I know how to, so think it must be someone trying to sell me something. Which reminds me, I've also had some text messages offering help with the accident I've recently had!
I'm as fit as a fiddle, no accidents, so what do you think is going on?

glammanana Wed 08-Feb-12 23:24:27

I have had a few calls to say I am entitled to compensation for an accident and can I supply my banks details,also that I have had a crash in my car and the other drivers insurance wants to settle the claim,do these people think we are all stupid or something ? I don't know what the answer is as we also have a BT blocking service on our landline.

Annobel Wed 08-Feb-12 23:45:40

I have had umpteen texts in the same vein, glamma. Also texts telling me I have a claim for unnecessary payment protection insurance which, of course, I haven't. It's a scattergun approach and apparently some people actually respond. If you reply by texting 'stop', you may find an unexpected charge on your bill.

Greatnan Thu 09-Feb-12 05:42:49

I am fortunate that these people don't bother me in France, but I know that many people are victims of various scams. There was a programme on BBC 1 about cowboys who target the elderly. Apparently, they were given the first four numbers of their credit cards (which are the same for all cards of the same company) which led them to believe that the caller was genuine, so they gave them the rest of the number.
Not many people read The Guardian, so there needs to be more exposure on national radio and T
I must admit that when I read about some scams I think 'How could they be so stupid as to believe that', but many old people just don't understand how the computer works and think callers must be genuine.

flowerfriend Thu 09-Feb-12 10:03:07

greatnan I too am in France - in the SW -and I get more than enough cold-callers on the phone even though I have opted for the service which stops them. I act even more stupid than normal and make out I can only say that I dont speaka the language. They mostly go away and if not I put the phone down anyway. Do we still say down. I distrust anyone not known to me personally who is stupid enough to phone me about money or changing internet provider or solar panels. Actually particularly solar panels. Gosh I feel better after getting that off my ample bosom.

dizzyblonde Thu 09-Feb-12 13:38:27

I had one of these scam calls about the'hundreds of viruses on my computer' and asking me to carry out various checks.
As I was sitting down with a cup of coffee I thought I would have some fun. I pretended I was doing what they asked until they asked for my credit card details whereupon I said 'did you really think I was taken in by you?' The chap got very cross and told me that he could shut my computer down just like that. To which my reply was'don't be ridiculous, you silly little man'.
Poor chap was virtually apoplectic with rage. grin. Serves him right!

supernana Thu 09-Feb-12 13:52:15

dizzy Good for you! I was told to "GET LOST"...shock

Stansgran Thu 09-Feb-12 18:32:20

I was told that they could make life dreadful for me by getting their computer to phone many times at night. they haven't but we have about 4 calls a day at more or less set times.
There is a young man with Aspergers I believe who hacked into US CIA or similar and the US Gov. wants to extradite him for trial. My feeling is that he should be asked how to prevent these computerised calls. If successful-which he probably could do in the blink of an eye then the US gov should be told to ....
Most of these calls and spam are based I am told in New York and Russia and the Philippines

flowerfriend Thu 09-Feb-12 18:40:53

stansgran Best thing I have heard suggested for many a day.

Carol Thu 09-Feb-12 19:08:59

It's Gary McKinnon who you are referring to, isn't it? Yes, one would think that it's not beyong the wit of whizz kids like him to sort this problem out x

kittylester Thu 09-Feb-12 21:32:06

I had a phone call today telling me that the company could get back any money from payment protection schemes we had been mis-sold. When I said we hadn't bought anything with payment protection the girl told me that we MUST have done but I probably didn't understand enough about it and needed an "expert" to help me. I think the phone still works! angry

Elegran Wed 22-Feb-12 11:12:43

This is mentioned on these threads:-

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Just cross-referencing.
I'll bump the other threads to get them up the list.

greenmossgiel Wed 22-Feb-12 12:11:21

I had a 'call from India' last night. It was the usual thing. I told the lovely chap to P... off' and put the phone down. My husband, who was eating his dinner, was quite horrified - he thought I'd received a mucky phone call! Not very ladylike, I agree, but needs must! Not that it'll make any difference, though! grin