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What to use as a Home Page?

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Rosiebee Sun 19-Feb-12 13:37:47

I've always used the BBC Home page as my home page on the laptop, but they've changed the format and I'm not keen on it. Any suggestions what I can change to? DH and I like Current affairs, he likes sports and I enjoy 'Lifestyle' features. Just wondered what other Gransnetters used.

Elegran Sun 19-Feb-12 13:59:16

I just use a blank browser screen (Firefox) with a Google search box on it. I have sites that I use frequently, like Gransnet, on a "bookmarks toolbar" across the top of the page and other links to refer to are in my favourites list.

tanith Sun 19-Feb-12 14:05:02

I've been using Google Chrome and like it that I can have various tabs open so that when I come back and relaunch it all those tabs open up again its sure a time saver.

yogagran Sun 19-Feb-12 14:57:23

My home page at the moment is Google search as that seems to be my most used page. But I do change it occasionally. Sometimes the Daily Telegraph, sometimes with my own postcode set as the main page.
How about using Gransnet as a home page grin

Greatnan Sun 19-Feb-12 15:24:56

Facebook, in case there is a message from my family.

Annika Sun 19-Feb-12 15:30:47

I have BT yahoo as my home page I can set it to how I like. On the top is a list of my emails, then the local news with national news below and on the side is the weather. I also have a Google and yahoo toolbar and on these I have a shortcut to facebook and gransnet. As I don't share my pc with anyone (DH has his own) I can have it as I want !grin

Learnergran Sun 19-Feb-12 15:42:11

I'm another one with Google Search as my Homepage on Firefox, with Hotmail on another tab. But with Firefox all your tabs stay open; I don't often close down as such, I just close the lid, so everything is just there when I open it again.

Rosiebee Mon 20-Feb-12 10:53:38

Thanks for suggestions. I hoped the query wouldn't sound too pathetic. I shall now have a 'fiddle around'.
Rosie smile

susiecb Mon 20-Feb-12 11:16:16

I fiddle about a lot as I dont share my lap top. Used to have BBC but don't like the new layout so I have Maxthon a web browser I am using instead of Internet Explorer as it doesn't keep going off like IE does as it is overloaded.

Hankipanki Mon 20-Feb-12 11:29:07

I also use google search as my home page with regularly used sites, such as The BBC, The Guardian, on my favourites toolbar. It works for me.

Charlotta Mon 20-Feb-12 14:29:11

I use Firefox with Google, I like to hear the news on the radio, not into looking at newsapapers online. I like the russle of paper and its the same with real books. I can't spend too much time gazing at screen, though I do like GN.