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Ganja Wed 07-Mar-12 23:05:52

I am being stupid again, but after enjoying Ellen Feldmann's web chat I simply cannot find anything about the new BoM. Do we not have one a month? Where do I look please? Search does not help.confused

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 08-Mar-12 12:31:43

Hi Ganja,

We haven't started a thread for the new book club yet, as the webchat is still a while off - 4 April to be precise. The place to check the new book club, which will always be updated <fingers crossed emoticon>, is the books page. It's under 'Life and Style' at the top there ^^.

This month, it's Daughters-In-Law by Joanna Trollope (here's the link to buy it on Amazon if you like)

Ganja Fri 09-Mar-12 07:01:58

Thanks [Josie] , and for the link. Have ordered my Will try and remember to keep an eye out in future.