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Oxon70 Tue 13-Mar-12 19:31:57

Anybody else find that the ads on Google are beginning to push out what you are looking for?
I just had (first page)
3 ads
3 hits
3 more ads.......

Carol Tue 13-Mar-12 20:01:24

Yes, they know when I get up and make a cup of tea - it's like big brother!

Annobel Tue 13-Mar-12 20:11:41

Go to Google Ads preferences and opt out. There are other sources of ads, but this should fix the Google ones.

Carol Tue 13-Mar-12 20:24:12

Once again Annobel you have come to our rescue - just done it - thanks flowers

Oxon70 Tue 13-Mar-12 20:38:16

Thanks, Annobel....I think I have now oted out of all things possible - I hope!
I didn't know you could do this.

Jacey Tue 13-Mar-12 20:42:05

Annobel is it possible to do something similar on the yahoo pages?

Annobel Tue 13-Mar-12 21:20:53

I don't know, is the honest answer. You might find the solution by surfing the net. If you're a Yahoo subscriber, their home page or their search page might give you some answers.