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maggiemay42 Thu 29-Mar-12 18:19:08

hope i can explain this clearly im new to computers.this morning i opened email from friend !!! wow screen light flashing/warning signs from microsoft hard drive shared documents 6trojans my documents 7 hard drive78spyware found emailed friend she had not sent email but said thinks her computer has been hacked i have kaspersky anti-virus installed i tried doing scan search with microsoft help page .dont know if its done anything can anybody tell me what else i can do idiot proof instructions please im really worried grateful for any help

Anne58 Thu 29-Mar-12 18:36:00

Does sound a bit worrying, maggiemay42 Our techies recommend Avast as a very good free anti-virus.

Ariadne Thu 29-Mar-12 18:53:20

I think it's worth finding a recommended local PC Doctor, to be honest. Sometimes even they can't detect a Trojan, and then the only solution is to wipe the hard disk and reinstall, but at least they know what they are doing. Scary! Good luck, maggymay42 x

Carol Thu 29-Mar-12 18:59:29

It's likely your friend's computer was the one that had picked up a virus in an email attachment, and it sent out emails to people on her list of contacts. Sometimes these flashing warnings are designed to make you purchase security that you don't need, and if you google the issue it is warning you about, you may find that hundreds of other people have been enquiring about the same problem. It will have answers for you, and if they work all well and good. Otherwise it's the PC doctor.

maggiemay42 Thu 29-Mar-12 19:25:38

thankyou for answers will try google first let you know outcome later

maggiemay42 Fri 30-Mar-12 10:54:02

after clicking lots of buttons think problem might be solved got a download from microsoft that has checked computer so fingers crossed hmm

Carol Fri 30-Mar-12 11:01:39

Fingers crossed - if something comes flashing at you and tells you you're computer is about to die a death if you don't do something quick it's most likely one of these scams to get you to spend money in a panic. Usually, if you just close it and ignore it, it goes away.

glammanana Fri 30-Mar-12 14:33:54

carol I find exactley the same with mine,I have BT security and I often find adverts telling me I have such a type of virus so I always close it down and have never had any problems when I have ran my security check.

Annobel Fri 30-Mar-12 14:47:51

Your own security system, if it's regularly updated should indicate as soon as a virus is detected. Don't panic if you suddenly get a message that tells you that cyber-Armageddon is approaching.

maggiemay42 Fri 30-Mar-12 20:42:22

next time this happens perhaps i wont get myself in such a spin I will remember all your answers. thanks to all of you flowers

Carol Fri 30-Mar-12 20:49:46

maggie smile

maggiemay42 Sat 31-Mar-12 19:08:19

I dont believe it whilst curing the virus problem ive created another one,dont know how but I manage to download 20 yes 20 set up compressed [zipped]files I dont even know what they are or how I done it I remember seeing them go along bottom of screen.How do I get rid of them. perhaps I should have said I went to computer clicked when I clicked on downloads thats where they are.I am starting computer classes end of April. Dont all shout Hooray so loudly nearly deafened me.grin

jeni Sat 31-Mar-12 19:21:38

My yahoo email on my iPad won't load and I don't know whyconfused

glassortwo Sat 31-Mar-12 21:16:31

jeni I am finding Yahoo unpredictable at the moment on my Laptop, they maybe having problems with the whole setup.

jeni Sat 31-Mar-12 21:34:15

Aaaahhh! That would explain it!