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ladybird9 Thu 05-Apr-12 10:28:55

I am about to purchase a mobile phone for the first time, can anyone help me choose a suitable, basic phone, all I require is the need for emergency calls, texting and a camera, any suggestions please, keeping costs as low as poss.
Look forward to your opinions.

Ariadne Thu 05-Apr-12 10:31:30

I have a very basic Nokia, which does all I need. But I do have an ipod too.

I'll find the model number in a minute when I've finished my coffee!

Anagram Thu 05-Apr-12 10:45:07

I would suggest a Pay as You Go tariff, Ladybird. Contracts can be expensive! My phone is a very basic vodafone one and I only top it up every month or so with £10 or £20. Have a look out for offers in the phone shops.

shysal Thu 05-Apr-12 17:43:40

Each of the mobile phone service providers sells their own brand of phone. These have the same functions as the major makes but are much cheaper. They will also have a range of pay-as-you-go deals, one of which will suit your needs. You can check on line or visit one of their stores where you will be advised. Just make sure you explain your basic only needs. I always go for Vodafone.

glassortwo Thu 05-Apr-12 20:30:24

Vodafone always seems to have the best coverage or is that just in the North East.

bagitha Thu 05-Apr-12 20:39:55

My Samsung is even more basic than what you want, ladybird. It doesn't have a camera. It cost £15.

bagitha Thu 05-Apr-12 20:40:59

I'm on Vodafone pay as you go too. Better cover than O2 that Dh uses.

eGJ Thu 05-Apr-12 21:11:33

Carefully check out the coverage where you live ladybird9 DH came back with two Orange ones and they only work in half our road. Vodaphone does best where we are, but even then there are dead spots. Pay as you Go is best and a Nokia basic is fine.

jeni Thu 05-Apr-12 21:15:41

I've found O2 satisfactory, particularly abroad!

Annobel Thu 05-Apr-12 21:35:51

Virgin coverage is dreadfully patchy. I've been putting up with it for the better part of a year and am thinking of changing when my contract ends. Not recommended.

yogagran Thu 05-Apr-12 23:45:33

I'm on Vodafone too - gives the best all round coverage by far. I'm on a monthly contract (SIM only) as I couldn't be bothered with topping up and possibly running out of credit just when it's needed. Only costs me £15 per month. Unlimited texts, 300 minutes of calls and enough data for my needs. But I have been with Vodafone since the dark ages and often haggle with them regarding the monthly cost. Never pay the first amount that they ask - like car renewal insurance quotes!

shysal Fri 06-Apr-12 09:26:03

Before I changed to pay-as-you-go I had a £15pm contract. When I told them I wanted to change they reduced it to £5 which suited me fine until I started to use more texts which were not included.

glammanana Fri 06-Apr-12 09:47:51

vodaphone coverage has always worked well for me I did have another phone with O2 but the coverage was not very good,always went back to Vodaphone I've been with them since phones where the size of house bricks.

Ariadne Fri 06-Apr-12 11:00:37

It's a Nokia X2, and I have a good contract with Talkmobile - started off with Sainsburys the Tm took over. Ooh, am I advertising? confused

yogagran Fri 06-Apr-12 13:17:07

As it's going to be your first mobile ladybird, you perhaps need to look at the ease of use as the main point. I hesitate to ask as it sounds rude - but do you need one with larger buttons than usual, can you read what is on the screen easily and are contacts easy to add and use?
Would the supplier of the phone give you an option to exchange the phone within a set period if you have trouble with it?