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Fruit Thu 19-Apr-12 15:47:06

I really hope you can help me. I have a 85 year old mother who has had a stroke can only use one hand and has short term memory loss and is incapable of learning anything new. She can only just manage the TV handset she has had for years. She has Satview installed by the switchover team but cannot cope with using a different handset or using one hand and pointing at the box. Her eye sight is not great, so she cannot see which channel she is on and if she loses direction cannot get back to one of the 5 main channels she used to rely on! Is there anything out there that can help her and allows her to use only one handset? If not, for her, there will be no life as her television is her constant companion. I called the Switchover team, they just say no!! confused

Bellesnan Thu 19-Apr-12 15:58:03

Fruit - that is dreadful. Do sympathise as my father-in-law struggled before he succumbed to dementia and is now in care. It seems to me that since we have had to deal with such things as care homes, banking (for mother-in-law), mobile phones, we have realised how little help there is for the very elderly. Goodness only knows how bad it is going to be when we reach the same age. Mother-in-law spent some time in care last year following an accident (she is 92) and whilst checking up on finances concerning her stay, we were informed that she had paid too much money up front and was due a refund - nearly £2,000. Obviously she had no idea that she was due this and it only came to light accidentally otherwise they would have pocketed it. She cannot ring the bank and speak to anyone in her branch - its all passwords etc now and she gets very confused. One of the best bits of correspondence my father-in-law got before he was finally taken into care was a letter from the local council asking how he found the care he had received at home. How do you deal with that when you cannot see, hear properly, or even recognise your son standing in front of you. Sorry Fruit - rambled on a bit - but hope something turns up for your Mum. Could you email your MP - done that in the past.....

Anagram Thu 19-Apr-12 16:45:08

That's a terrible problem for your mother, Fruit, and one I've never even considered before! blush

I would suggest contacting a TV shop or similar, or perhaps Age Concern or an organisation like that. There must be others in your position. I hate having to use the two controllers as well - it must be very frustrating for your mother.

Anagram Thu 19-Apr-12 18:15:15

Just had a word with OH, who suggests you get in touch with Maplins, who do a range of universal remote controls, one or two of which look like they might be suitable for your mother, Fruit.

Good luck!

Fruit Fri 20-Apr-12 13:27:45

Thank you for your sympathy and helpful comments. I will get on to Maplins.

Fruit Fri 20-Apr-12 13:29:36

Bellesnan, Sorry to hear of all your problems. Mine do seem to pale by comparison. I think they call us the sandwich generation. Sandwiched between the children and parents we love!!