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Why isn't my name blue at the side?

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Bags Mon 23-Apr-12 19:29:23

The right side.
The list of names to the right when you're on Active.
I've got a profile that works.

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 23-Apr-12 19:31:25

Hi Bags,

Thanks for pointing that out! We'll ask Tech why that could be.

jeni Mon 23-Apr-12 19:35:09

Your blue on mine?

gracesmum Mon 23-Apr-12 19:41:11

Don't they alternate blue on pale blue and black on white with the threads?

Bags Mon 23-Apr-12 19:41:14

hmm Oh well, jeni, glad I'm blue somewhere!

Thanks, josie.

gracesmum Mon 23-Apr-12 19:42:17

No they don't - is it who's on line?

Bags Mon 23-Apr-12 19:43:16

I'm online!!!

Anagram Mon 23-Apr-12 19:46:29

Oh yes! Strange...

Anagram Mon 23-Apr-12 19:47:20

Neither is mine!!! shock

Do me too, Josie, please!

Jacey Mon 23-Apr-12 19:48:22

You're blue on mine Bags dragon

Why did you decide to shorten your name? confused

Bags Mon 23-Apr-12 19:57:58

People have been calling me Bags for ages, plus I've been whittling it down from thirteen letters gradually.

glassortwo Mon 23-Apr-12 20:16:18

Hang on I know I am a bit slow, but on the active list if the user name is blue does that mean that person is online?

Bags Mon 23-Apr-12 20:17:17

I think it's meant to mean they have a public profile.

Anagram Mon 23-Apr-12 20:19:57

We are both still black, bags sad

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 23-Apr-12 20:31:45

Hi bags and anagram,

Tech is going to bounce the site overnight <removes mental image of ping pong ball>. This should mean that your names link to your profiles from Active etc.

Do let us know if it's still not working tomorrow!

Anagram Mon 23-Apr-12 20:33:53

Thanks, Josie! smile

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 24-Apr-12 15:27:57

Update on this: it is caused by the two of you having capitals in your names. (Yes, we thought it was a bit odd too!)

Tech is fixing it as we speak smile

Anagram Tue 24-Apr-12 15:48:02

Well, I'll be blowed! grin

Thanks again, Josie!

Anagram Tue 24-Apr-12 15:49:44


But what about PRINTMISS, JessM and others? confused They're blue.

imjingl Tue 24-Apr-12 15:50:31


JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 24-Apr-12 16:03:14

You're right Anagram - makes no sense to us.

In any case - it looks fixed to us now, so round of applause for Tech for fixing the symptoms even if the diagnosis was wrong! confused

Anagram Tue 24-Apr-12 16:08:43

Hurray! Well done techies! grin

Bags Tue 24-Apr-12 16:25:50

Blue Bags! Yeehar! Thanks.

jeni Tue 24-Apr-12 16:43:36

That's what I used to do! Fix the symptoms with a wrong diagnosis!
Not many treatments in my day available. The eye of newt and tongue of frog very difficult to obtain, and as for finger of birth strangled babe, ditch delivered by a drab------ I haven't seen one for years,haven't tried Boots thoughconfused

Ariadne Tue 24-Apr-12 16:49:43

jeni grin