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Auntieflo Mon 20-Sep-21 18:45:53

Today my Ipad said that an update was due, so I let it go ahead.
I now cannot see ANY of my calendar notes. This is for all the previous years as well as this current year.
Is there a clever person out there who could help me recover all this data?
It is actually important that I can see my medical notes and appointments.
Thank you un advance.

Blossoming Mon 20-Sep-21 20:28:13

Hello Auntie Flo, the data will still be accessible in iCloud. If you have access to a PC or laptop you could log into the cloud and read it there. I believe it is possible to copy it back to your iPad but I will have to try and find some info on the process.

NotAGran55 Mon 20-Sep-21 20:28:14

Do you have an iPhone? You might find it is still there if you haven’t done an update .

I lost all my normal notes when I did an iPad update . I was furious and a google search showed that I wasn’t alone .I then remembered that my phone was so ancient that updates were no longer possible and I found my old notes there .

Auntieflo Mon 20-Sep-21 22:15:18

Hi Blossoming and NotAGran55,
I have got it back!!!

I looked on my phone and all info was there.
Then I went back to my Ipad and found a button that said Show All. Pressed that, and Hey Presto, like magic, all info appeared.
Why do they give me a virtual heart attack?

As to the ICloud, as I am such a techno phobic, I am scared of doing something I do not understand, so tend to leave such things to DH.
But, I have sorted it out, with a little help from my friends.
Thanks so much for the little push needed.

Granmarderby10 Mon 20-Sep-21 22:21:39

Well done Auntyflo but why oh why do these things have to be so flipping mysterious and tricky in the first place? 🐯

Blossoming Mon 20-Sep-21 23:57:32

Well done AuntyFlo! Glad it’s sorted for you.

NotAGran55 Tue 21-Sep-21 01:28:33

Phew! Great news Auntieflo

BlueBelle Tue 21-Sep-21 04:26:27

Glad it’s ok now I find googling these things will usually talk you through what to do