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Nanaval4G Wed 04-May-22 17:38:27

Can anyone tell me why my new mouse won't let me type anything even though the cursor works.
I thought it was that particular mouse but bought a different one and I have exactly the same problem.
As soon as I put my old mouse back on it works perfect.
It is a wireless mouse.
Hope someone can help

CanadianGran Wed 04-May-22 17:42:16

It shouldn't be the mouse, it's the keyboard. Did you mistakenly pull out the wire for the keyboard, or if it is wireless, there is a little 'dongle' or plug for the keyboard.
They each need to attach to your computer, either by wire or wifi.

Nanaval4G Thu 05-May-22 12:35:43

I have found a usb plugged into the back which I assume is for the keyboard, never noticed it before, I took it out and plugged it back in but still nothing

Elizabeth27 Thu 05-May-22 12:48:20

Is there a reset button on the mouse, sometimes very small needing a pen to poke in the hole or underneath the mouse.

Visgir1 Thu 05-May-22 14:07:48

I had the same problem with my Desktop but not my Laptop.

So I just use my wired mouse on the desk top now., also wireless keyboard was a problem with it so back to old school.
Probably age of device?

toscalily Thu 05-May-22 14:26:29

Have you looked at the settings for the mouse on your PC/Laptop? you may need to link it or tick/untick one of the settings or remove the old one so you can use the new one.

Nanaval4G Sat 07-May-22 00:02:10

Elizabeth27 No, I can't see any reset button, but thanks anyway

Nanaval4G Sat 07-May-22 00:04:16

Visgir1, This is my desktop, and yes it is a few years old now. I don't really want to go back to wired but if push comes to shove I will. Thank you for replying

Nanaval4G Sat 07-May-22 00:08:53

toscalily I have looked at the settings but it doesn't seem to give me the option of deleting the old one, in fact there are a couple listed so the original one must be showing also. I can't see an option to link a new one. I am not computer literate so it is quite frustrating when something like this happens. Thanks anyway for your help.

JKE1 Mon 09-May-22 21:52:16

try the wirelss mouse usb in different usb ports, and maybe reboot the computer. With some desktops not all of the USB ports work

M0nica Tue 10-May-22 11:09:15

My new mouse came with a USB, which needs to be plugged into the computer. Each mouse should have its own USB. A USB which works with one mouse will not work with another.

Teacheranne Tue 10-May-22 11:27:05

Are you using the usb that came with the new mouse, not the one that was already in the computer for the old mouse?

You will probably need to go into settings to find how to add or remove devices, such as printers, as the new mouse will need to be added before your computer will recognise it.

Nanaval4G Sat 21-May-22 11:43:42

Teacheranne Yes I used the USB that came with the mouse. My computer only has 2 USB ports and I have tried it in both.
I have been in the setting for keyboard/mouse etc and can't see anything appropriate

Nanaval4G Sat 21-May-22 11:45:11

M0nica and JKE1 Yes I used the USB that came with the mouse. My computer only has 2 USB ports and I have tried it in both.

MiniMoon Sat 21-May-22 14:03:28
This is a detailed fix instruction. If you've tried this, please ignore me.

I don't use a desktop computer so I'm not familiar with mouse/keyboard problems.

Puzzled Sat 21-May-22 18:26:05

My latest keyboard and mouse are wireless.
Initially problems because the mouse received the sign well, but not the keyboard.
Putting the "dongle" onto a USB /USB lead so that it sits under the keyboard fixed the problem
(Apparently, the signal strength was reduced because having several wireless keyboards in an office can result in one mouse or keyboard trying to communicate with machines other than the intended one.)

Nanaval4G Sat 21-May-22 18:28:07

Puzzled. At the risk of sounding thick, what's a dongle