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Anyone know how to kill Bing???!!!

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Luckygirl3 Wed 18-May-22 17:30:49

Any computer buffs out there who might be able to help?

I use Google Chrome as my default search engine; but I am currently trying to do an online training course via a programme called Loop which only works via Chrome. However, when I open this programme "Bing" (another search engine) pings in and refuses to go.

All my researches into how one might get rid of it from my laptop come up with the statement that it is very hard to get rid of! ..... I have spotted that!

Any ideas? I am stalled on this course I am trying to do.

B9exchange Wed 18-May-22 18:11:16

Go into Google Chrome settings (top right three vertical dots) and choose 'search engine' from the menu on the left, and them 'managed search engine'. If you scroll down, you will see Bing listed there, and if you click on the three dots beside it, you will be offered to option to delete it?

joannapiano Wed 18-May-22 18:13:59

I thought you meant Bing Bunny, a great favourite with our grandchildren !

Visgir1 Wed 18-May-22 18:19:52

I thought poor Bing bit harsh! Lol

Aveline Wed 18-May-22 18:31:31

It's my age but I thought it was to do with Bing Crosby!

Luckygirl3 Wed 18-May-22 22:37:19

I have tried deleting Bing from the search engines list, but apparently it is deeply embedded in Windows 11 or Microsoft Edge and will worm its way back in. It is so frustrating - it has been sworn at a fair bit!

I do not even really know what Microsoft Edge is, but I wish it would sail off over the horizon!

Luckygirl3 Wed 18-May-22 22:37:32

All bunnies safe here!

Whitewavemark2 Thu 19-May-22 06:48:26


It's my age but I thought it was to do with Bing Crosby!

And me😄