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Very simple financial software recommendations, please?

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Doodledog Sun 03-Jul-22 15:43:39

Does anyone know of simple software that will track household budgeting on a very basic level, please? I'm thinking along the lines of MS Money that used to come bundled with desktop computers back in the day.

All I really need to do is keep track of a few accounts (eg current account, ISA, savings) and be able to see a running total at a glance, alongside a couple of spending projects with their own running totals that deduct from the overall one.

So basically - a column with income/savings linked to maybe three other columns that will deduct from the income column, with a total that is derived from all of the above. Something like this (or something better but equally simple) but that allows me to tinker with the Project columns and see the impact on the total income one in different scenarios. Does that make sense?

I am happy to input totals of income and outgoings myself on a monthly basis, so it's not necessary to have it linked to live bank accounts, although all my banking is online.

I am relatively computer literate, but haven't used spreadsheets for so long that I can't remember how to do anything other than Autosum, so don't want to try setting it up myself unless there are idiotproof instructions that I can follow.

I use a Mac, and have MS Office 365 which includes Excel. I also have the Office software that comes with Mac OS, but have never used it.

I was hoping for Freeware, but don't mind paying a bit for something that works - the important thing is that it is safe (ie virus-free) and foolproof. I don't need expensive bells and whistles.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help. At present I can do the Autosums but then have to use a calculator or pen and paper to subtract from the totals, and looking at different scenarios is a pain grin.

Pittcity Sun 03-Jul-22 20:37:14

I'd like to know if there is such a thing too.
I used to use Microsoft Money and Smart money, both of which no longer exist. All the apps I've tried haven't done what I wanted or require subscription.

Doodledog Fri 08-Jul-22 17:13:11

Did you find anything, Pittcity?

I had a poke about in the templates that come with Excel, and found one that I've managed to customise.

It's a bit clunky, as it was me doing the customising, but it does the trick for what I want. Fiddling with it reminded me of how to do things, too. I used to be quite good with spreadsheets - I did a fairly high level IT course ages ago - but I didn't need them in my work so forgot all I used to know.

Anyway, if you have a look you might find something that you could use.

Pittcity Fri 08-Jul-22 18:03:54

No ready made app or software that gives future scenarios. Why are they all so complicated and require linking to bank accounts?
Using Excel is just so clunky.