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Can you help please. A new laptop is needed.

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Lovetopaint037 Fri 09-Dec-22 09:10:41

My daughter needs a new lap top and has asked me to advice her. She needs Microsoft Suite, a good size screen and a decent memory. Now I haven’t used anything but Apple for years so my last memory of Microsoft was a Samsung. My first thought was Gransnet as I have had such great help from the kindness and knowledge on here. If you can help I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Lovetopaint037 Fri 09-Dec-22 09:13:57

Ps. Reasonably priced if possible would also be helpful.

Doodledog Fri 09-Dec-22 09:45:19

Does she need to store files on the computer itself, or is she happy to use a cloud?

If the latter, she might like a Chromebook. They are a lot cheaper than laptops but the downside is that you have to be online to use things like Word. If she only uses it in the house and/or office that won’t matter, but if she wants to travel with it or take it to a hilltop tent it might be an issue. Even then, she could tether it to her phone. Chromebooks are good value if you don’t mind having to be online. I bought one for my daughter to take to university and the signal in her halls was dreadful, so it was all but useless. That was ten years ago, and things have moved on though.

Lovetopaint037 Fri 09-Dec-22 10:09:01

Thank you so much. She says she needs Microsoft Suite if possible. She needs it to apply for jobs and home use. She has had to move and money is running out so that is a consideration.

Doodledog Fri 09-Dec-22 10:18:41

She would be able to access MS Suite online, but couldn't use it if she doesn't have online access.

I would say that if she is sure that she will have reliable broadband at home, and doesn't want to use it much out and about then a Chromebook will be fine, but she might regret it if, like my daughter did, she lives in a blackspot and doesn't have reliable access.

Doodledog Fri 09-Dec-22 10:22:58

Can she go into John Lewis and ask for advice? I have always found them very helpful, they offer a 3 year guarantee which is worth a lot, and are not undersold price-wise (although I'm not sure that that applies to online purchases), and their staff are (or used to be) knowledgeable.

Another alternative is manufacturers' refurbished models. They will be as good as new - they are returns or ones from defaults on credit, and are a lot cheaper too.

25Avalon Fri 09-Dec-22 11:33:47

HP have got offers on at the moment and should be able to give good advice. If she wants to speak face to face Curry’s are very good too and stock various makes.

Lovetopaint037 Fri 09-Dec-22 13:12:44

Thank you so much. I am passing on this info. Thank you so much for replying.

Shelmiss Fri 09-Dec-22 13:49:10

If she wants a Mac then Microsoft Suite (Microsoft 365) is also available for Macs. I use it all the time.