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On holiday with grandchildren !!

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rosiesposies Thu 12-May-11 12:11:45

Going to EuroDisney with daughter and grandchildren . A boy of 5yrs and girl of 3yrs !! Anybody been and any tips most appreciated !!!

shelaghv Thu 12-May-11 17:27:47

hi rosiesposies was in disneyland paris in march with my daughter and grandchildren stayed in the resort sequois lodge had a great time if u are staying in the resort take advantage of the two hours entry into the park in the mornings we did and got all the rides in for the kids also use fastpass and baby switch so no queing u just tell them that u have to stay with the younger child and when the others get off the ride u just go to the exit and they put u on fairly quickly food is pretty much what u would expect lots of fast food but some good restaurants as well have a good time and say hello to mickey mouse for me

nannyeileen Thu 12-May-11 17:46:20

Hi rosiesposies
I went to Eurodisney two years ago and found it was wonderful. Are you staying in one of the resort hotels, if so there is a wonderful bus service from the station to all the hotels, so just get on and get off and back again to Park entrance (which is opposite the station). Best thing to do is book breakfast in the hotel, as some of the breakfast places may not be to your liking. At the New York, breakfast was continental but you could have toast and boil your own egg. Do the car and bus rides up to the castle. There is a train which takes you through the frontier areas etc., Don't forget to ride Thunder Mountain and ride the Steamboat. I could not face the Tower Ride, much too nerveracking for me. The Land of the Little People is really fab and the children will love it. Try to find out where the Characters come to and a must is a Disney Autograph Album which you can find in the shops inside eurodisney. The children will love getting autographs from the characters, i.e. Mickey, Minny, Baloo etc, The Parade is a must too.

Hope you enjoy as much as i DID


rosiesposies Thu 12-May-11 20:48:45

Thanks Shelaghv and nannyeileen I will bear in mind what you said the early couple of hours sound great !! We will be at the New York so its good to know about breakfast !!!
Im so much looking forward to it and cant wait to meet all the Disney characters ( im really a child at heart )
Just hope i dont bring up breakfast on any of the rides !!!!!!!!!
Lovely to get your tips Many thanks grin

Gally Mon 06-Jun-11 17:04:20

Our daughter, SIL and 3 grandchildren (7,4 and 3) are arriving from Australia in a couple of weeks. 5 days later we are all travelling in the one car from Scotland to SW France. Do you think I am crazy? I have various activities lined up for the journey (including ones for me!), but any tips on how to stay sane would be welcome........
Enjoy EuroDisney Rosieposies - it sounds less traumatic than 3 days in the car!

Heather Mon 06-Jun-11 18:37:33

We went to Euro Disney when my girls were 6 and 3 ... well, actually, she was 3 whilst we were there and she was TERRIFIED of all the characters. On the television they're only so size and, then, there they were over 5 ft tall !
The elder one loved it though.

Little one loved everything else about it and we had a great time. As has previously been mentioned don't forget the parade.

Also there was a 50s style diner (on the campus but just outside the ticket offices) wherein all the music was from that era, the style of the waiter / esses clothing etc ... and they were all on roller skates! and for certain choruses from certain songs (don't want to spoil the surprise!) they would hop up on to a table to dance!!!!! If that's still there you must go to see.

Have fun x

harrigran Mon 06-Jun-11 22:22:11

Gally you are a very brave lady. we are doing the family holiday in France too but we are driving and everyone else is flying. We have TV screens on the back of headrests and loads of DVDs. Now that most cars have air con, a long journey is not the trial it used to be.

rosiesposies Fri 10-Jun-11 15:55:13

Hi folkies Had a MAGICAL time in Eurodisney !!! The kids were great the weather hot but bearable !! Hired a stoller for the 5yr old best thing we did great to lean on when tired !!!!! Cant wait to go back !!!
Thanks again for invaluable tips !!!
Gally I suggest you invest in portable dvd players or have you a ds beg or borrow 3 for the kids I filled up a bag with silly cheapo toys like you get for party bags they were a great hit with mine and not expensive !!! Make up a bag for each of them !!!
Hope you have a nice holiday !!

Gally Fri 10-Jun-11 18:59:01

Thanks Rosiesposies. I have just invested in a cheapo dvdx2 player from Tesco which fits on the seats. Good idea to make 'party' bags. Thanks for advice. So glad you had a jolly holly with your family