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Recommendations for a quiet place in Dorset..

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tanith Fri 18-Nov-11 16:48:06

Hi , for the first time in a good few years hubby and I will be able to holiday together next year and we love Dorset , is there a nice quiet place near or on a sandy beach with access to swimming in the sea. We don't mind self catering or b & b , a small quiet caravan site even , all the ones I've found look big and noisy. I just want somewhere we can enjoy the beach and coastal walks of the beautiful county..

Divawithattitude Fri 18-Nov-11 21:23:44

West Bay is lovely, a small town, not full of hotels, not far from Bridport.

Sbagran Fri 18-Nov-11 22:13:16

And Portland - again not full of hotels and commercialism. However, when we visited last year there was a lot of roadworks etc preparing for the Olympics so may be worth keeping in mind!
I loved Portland - we only visited for a weekend for a Christening but it was beautiful!
Good luck with your holiday smile

Sbagran Fri 18-Nov-11 22:14:23

Sorry that could be misleading - the roadworks etc weren't on Portland but on approach road etc mainly around Weymouth!

susiecb Sat 19-Nov-11 10:15:12

My brother lives in a small village called Loders which is near West Bay lovely an quiet there with a very good pub and B & Bs guest houses cottage in the village and others in the surrounding villages.

tanith Sat 19-Nov-11 15:08:47

thanks for the suggestions I'll certainly take a look