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GagaJo Thu 21-Nov-19 08:10:58


I am starting a new job in just over a month, in Switzerland. NEVER having been anywhere cold or snowy before (other than the UK) and not being a 'winter sports' type, I have NO idea about what kind of clothing etc, I'll need to take.

I won't be engaging in skiing / snowboarding / whatever else winter sports involve. I just happen to have fetched up into a job in the middle of a ski resort area.

Can you advise about clothing, shoes, any other things I'll need to live in such an area? I won't have a car but will be living within walking distance of my job.

Thank you!

jura2 Thu 21-Nov-19 09:47:13

Wow, that was fast. Where? By pm if you prefer. If in my neck of the woods, we could meet up for a cuppa soon.

And in a French, German, Italian or Romanche speaking area?

jura2 Thu 21-Nov-19 09:48:28

Just warm things, layers are best. And of course a warm pair of boots and gloves.

jura2 Thu 21-Nov-19 14:43:12

I live in the Neuchâtel region, not far from Bern and Lausanne.

GagaJo Thu 21-Nov-19 14:52:27

As a not very out doorsy person, I'm not really au fait with dressing that way. PLUS as I'm a big-bird, I'll really need to take stuff with me, because it can be hard to get in my size.

Will I need things like a down jacket and salopettes?

jura2 Thu 21-Nov-19 14:55:47

Not necessarily. There are several companies in Switzerland that do large sizes- one catalogue is called Ulla Popken- they do warm winter trousers, tops, anoraks, etc- but much cheaper on their UK site.

I live not far from French border and buy everything at Decathlon in France.