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Are you planning on holidaying this year?

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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 14-Jan-21 08:43:21

We've been asked to speak to BBC Scotland this morning on holidays and how people are feeling about travel this year.
According to industry experts, travel bookings have begun in earnest and people are booking longer holidays and more multigenerational ones, families who have been unable to see each during the pandemic wanting to make up for lost time. What are your thoughts?

Once you have the vaccine will you feel confident about booking a holiday?

Dorsetcupcake61 Thu 14-Jan-21 08:51:41

I think a holiday is totally at the bottom of my to do list! Admittedly I live in a beautiful part of the country which helps.
The vaccination is not a magic bullet,we will still need to take precautions.
The news of new variants that may/may not be covered by the vaccine is also concerning.
Maybe next year,and I'm someone who loves to travel.

YorkLady Thu 14-Jan-21 08:57:05

My thoughts exactly Dorsetcupcake61

EllanVannin Thu 14-Jan-21 09:00:52

Under the circumstances with 36,000 people in hospital, travel anywhere should be off the list.

Puzzler61 Thu 14-Jan-21 09:01:11

Only in the UK, and it’s a self catering rural cottage holiday that we moved from last summer to this summer.
Not confident to book a holiday overseas.

Liz46 Thu 14-Jan-21 09:01:48

No, we should have been in India for Christmas.

I really can't imagine a time when we will go on holiday again.

Galaxy Thu 14-Jan-21 09:02:11

I would go on holiday if we can but think it's very unlikely.

Bellasnana Thu 14-Jan-21 09:03:43

Sadly, no. I would usually be visiting my girls in the US at some point but it’s out of the question this year.☹️

sodapop Thu 14-Jan-21 09:03:49

Not a holiday but I would love to be able to visit my family in UK.

Froglady Thu 14-Jan-21 09:05:38

I will probably book to go on a self catering holiday to central France but I must check my holiday insurance about what happens if I can't go due to Covid. I was due to go last summer and had booked but then had to cancel; luckily I had only gone as far as to send a deposit which they didn't bank as they realised there were going to be problems. So I want to go back there this year instead.

Nanna58 Thu 14-Jan-21 09:07:19

I think it unlikely to be safe enough this year, but as soon as it is ,as someone who loves to travel I shall be back out seeing the world again. In fact realising that life is short I hope to eventually see more than I did pre epidemic.

Granny23 Thu 14-Jan-21 09:19:38

We (family of) had booked our usual holiday let cottage on the Isle of Barra for July 2020 but had to postpone until July 2021. Now, with a Covid outbreak on Barra, this is uncertain.

As to going abroad, I am glad I have already been to the places I most wanted to visit in Europe, because, due to Brexit and the need for extortionate health insurance, I can't see that I could ever afford to go there again.

Casdon Thu 14-Jan-21 09:23:36

Yes, once vaccinated I’d like to support the Welsh tourist industry and book a week away in the summer (I live in Wales). Would love to go further afield but they need our support and it’s safer not to go too far from home at the moment.

Gingster Thu 14-Jan-21 09:25:32

No bookings for us. As you sayGranny23 I’m so glad I have been to most of the places I wanted to visit.

Calendargirl Thu 14-Jan-21 09:26:17

As things are at the moment, no thoughts about booking holidays anywhere, either in the UK or abroad.

MawBe Thu 14-Jan-21 09:28:16

I had been hoping to get to Scotland for a couple of years to see some old friends and family but fear actually planning anything! I would also dearly love to have a few days in various English cities- York for instance or Bath, because I feel I have not set foot outside N Bucks for a whole year - but am not tempting fate!

honeyrose Thu 14-Jan-21 09:28:44

It will definitely be a UK holiday this year, if we can go anywhere at all. Won’t be booking anything for some months yet though, until we feel that things are much, much safer. I, too am glad that we visited some of the places abroad that we really wanted to go to and hope that we can go on more foreign travel in the years to come. The very thought of getting on a plane for some time yet leaves me cold.

Peasblossom Thu 14-Jan-21 09:33:22

Maybe the South Coast, in the Autumn to see relatives and friends.

Actually I’ve embraced the joys of staying at home😀

Esspee Thu 14-Jan-21 09:34:08

My family are abroad. As soon as it is safe we will be on a plane.

Arsenal67 Thu 14-Jan-21 09:35:19

I’ve booked 4 UK trips. All of them can cancellable. Will be finished chemo by the Spring and looking forward to a break.

vampirequeen Thu 14-Jan-21 09:37:14

We booked last September to go away in May 2021. It's a UK caravan park with Covid cover. If we are able to go that will be great. If not we get a refund. We've also booked a few days away in September 2021 with the same company. We always holiday in the UK.

Sarahmob Thu 14-Jan-21 09:39:08

Last year we cancelled our planned river cruise and transferred our booking to this April (we were planning to take another river cruise to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary). We are now waiting to hear that this cruise has been cancelled and we won’t be looking to transfer our funds to another holiday but will be seeking a refund of the monies paid. We have tentatively booked a cottage in Cornwall for September - fingers crossed!

Grandmabatty Thu 14-Jan-21 09:39:42

There's no point in me planning a holiday as I don't know when I will get the vaccine. My family will be further down the list as well and my son in law has been made redundant because of covid therefore a holiday is out of the question for them too.

Greyduster Thu 14-Jan-21 09:39:52

We booked a cottage in Northumberland last year for August this year. I hope we’ll be able to go, but it’s ‘suck it and see’ at the moment.

JessK Thu 14-Jan-21 09:41:19

I don't think I will be booking anything until things improve significantly although it would be lovely to get away. Looks like the back garden again.