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Wise to book cruises for 2022?

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Willow73 Fri 15-Jan-21 10:18:03

Just wondering how people feel about booking cruises for 2022? Is it too early, will lots of people book and spaces go quickly, will the countries that they stop at still want them there.

timetogo2016 Fri 15-Jan-21 10:52:22

I would Willow73,but i would ask if the cruise can`t go ahead if covid is still around would i get a full refund.
If the answer is no,then i wouldn`t.

EllanVannin Fri 15-Jan-21 10:55:38

Why can't you wait to see " how the land lies " first ? Why the hurry ? These cruises will still be ongoing years hence.

Willow73 Fri 15-Jan-21 16:59:38

I'm not in a hurry to go on a cruise, just thought it would start a good discussion. Obviously I was wrong.

vampirequeen Fri 15-Jan-21 17:11:53

I don't see the problem with booking any holiday as long as it has Covid cover. If it's safe to go then you can go and if it's not then you get a refund.

mumofmadboys Fri 15-Jan-21 17:13:29

I had a brochure through the post today from Fred Olsen advertising a cruise for next January around South America. It lasts for 79 nights!!! Costs a small fortune!

mumofmadboys Fri 15-Jan-21 17:14:10

I'm sure it would be a marvellous holiday

Whitewavemark2 Fri 15-Jan-21 17:17:36

I think it is good to dream and plan. It lifts your spirits and helps you look forward to better times.

vampirequeen Fri 15-Jan-21 17:26:33

Totally agree Whitewave. Something to look forward to.

Teacheranne Fri 15-Jan-21 18:52:57

I think I would be cautious about booking a cruise having seen how quickly viruses, infections and bugs are spread on board a ship. Years ago I went in a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska and despite being asked to use hand sanitiser every time we went into the dining room, a stomach bug went rampant among some passengers. Luckily I was not affected but some passengers were confined to their cabins for most of the seven day cruise.

BlueBelle Fri 15-Jan-21 19:01:52

I ve never fancied a cruise holiday and after seeing those poor people stuck on the cruise for weeks and weeks right at the beginning of last years lockdown I would think ‘22 is very early to get over this hoo ha but as I said I m not a cruiser

Sparkling Thu 21-Jan-21 07:19:05

Willow, I think planning ahead in these difficult times, is something positive and uplifting to plan and look forward to. It was dreadful those people stuck on a cruise ship, but you can't stop doing things you love because of that. I am already looking to see where I would like to go, I love cruises, if anything this lockdown has made me embrace life more than ever, in an instant things can change for any one of us. I will wait until I have my vaccine and see how the countries I want to visit have coped and if the go ahead is given to visit those countries I will book up. Probably this year it will be the UK. One thing for sure holiday prices will shoot through the roof and insurance.

Santana Thu 21-Jan-21 07:46:47

Interesting that Saga have announced that all cruise passengers will be required to have been vaccinated. Also a negative Covid test.
Not sure how people can give proof of vaccination ?
No mention of crew either as they aren't likely to have been vaccinated by July when cruises are planned to begin, (at the moment.)

dogsmother Thu 21-Jan-21 07:54:56

We probably will be going to do this.
Alaska most likely, love cruising and if you’ve never done it don’t knock it.
My favourite was probably the Baltic, and visiting St.Petersburg, never thought I’d get to see the Hermitage and so much of it’s content never mind the amazing sights of that city.

Urmstongran Thu 21-Jan-21 08:06:40

I bet prices will be very reasonable especially at first, to tempt people into booking again. You might be able to nab a bargain if you book early! And with COVID cover, why not? It’s a win-win.

The anticipation of a longed for holiday (psychologists tell us that’s the best part for MH) and a money back guarantee should events prove unsafe to go.

yggdrasil Thu 21-Jan-21 09:10:39

back in september 2019 I booked a cruise for October this year. It was very expensive but I reckoned I'd have time to save up. Now I have to pay the rest in May, and I am certain it will not be safe this year. So I will lose my deposit when I do cancel :-(

Ellianne Thu 21-Jan-21 09:22:03

I would imagine people who enjoy cruises will start booking again. I have yet to try one but am less keen now after coronavirus.
Every day on my walk I watch the huge cruise ships, currently eight of them, in the bay. I do feel sorry for the staff on them but I also feel very cross about the marine diesel that has been used for no purpose over the past 10 months.

Gingster Thu 21-Jan-21 09:31:12

Five years ago we were on a world cruise which lasted 4 months. It was a trip of a lifetime! Haven’t been on one since but it’s our Golden Wedding this year and was hoping to go on another. I wouldn’t book anything up for a couple of years and then see how things are looking. As has been said cruises are harbouring grounds for any infections and bugs, at the best of times.

EkwaNimitee Thu 21-Jan-21 09:36:37

The current FCO advice is not to go on a cruise and my understanding is that you won't get insurance in that case. So presumably people are booking cruises in the hopes that that advice will change before the cruise date nears and then they will organise insurance?
I have a voucher from a cancelled cruise and that cruise line is offering cruises from May but there's no way I'm risking booking a cruise, even for 2022, until the FCO advice changes and corona virus is going well down.

grannyqueenie Thu 21-Jan-21 09:39:04

Santana re proof of vaccination, my daughter had hers yesterday. She was given a little card with date of follow up injection. The nurses advised her to keep it and also take a photo of it as proof of vaccination in case she needed it to fly etc.

Margliz2912 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:39:31

Love cruising. I have one booked for September this year & 2 booked for next year. Got to have something to look forward to.

Mamardoit Thu 21-Jan-21 09:50:16

I won't be booking just yet. I just think it's too soon and have written 2021 off for holidays abroad.

We missed the big three generation cruise holiday last year and for us the chance of that has past because the pre school DGC will now be school children. Families are tied to school holiday time.

DH is more wary of going on a cruise now but I would rather do that than have the bother of airports. We will just wait and see. Holidays are a lovely extra but not a necessity.

aquagran Thu 21-Jan-21 09:57:08

We got all our money back from last year’s cancelled cruises. Have booked two for this year, first in July. Fingers crossed!

Esspee Thu 21-Jan-21 10:18:35

Now that we know that cruise ships are Petri dishes for viruses I am surprised that anyone is considering going on a large cruise ship ever again.

I have enjoyed cruises in the past, chosen for the places they were visiting but never again. The thought of being cooped up in a tiny cabin should infection break out gives me claustrophobia just thinking about it.

You are unlikely to be able to get travel insurance anyway and no countries are going to welcome an influx of potentially infected tourists.

maddyone Thu 21-Jan-21 10:28:20

I loved cruising before the pandemic, and through cruising we visited places in the world I thought I’d never see. However I wouldn’t dream of booking a cruise at the moment, although I like to dream that one day I’ll go on another, but certainly not yet.
Last year we went to Kefalonia in September for about ten days. We booked a couple of weeks before we went, because we were watching the situation in various countries carefully. Kefalonia had an extremely low rate of virus and there was no requirement to quarantine when we returned. I don’t mind if we had to quarantine, it’s just that no quarantine equalled low virus in my mind. Anyway the travel corridors have gone for now. I expect we’ll book for Greece again, providing the virus recedes and all things being equal.