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Has anyone been to Malta around Christmas time?

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Henny2020 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:25:09

Husband and I are not big fans of all the fuss around Christmas - but, even so, this is probably the last year that we won't mind not seeing our two baby grandchildren (both still babies) !
So, we are thinking of going away, either over Christmas or immediately before.
One of the options is a good hotel in Malta. Just wondered if anyone had been at that time of year? Any downsides?

Rosalyn69 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:27:37

I’ve been in March but not over Christmas.

Artaylar Wed 13-Oct-21 15:41:14

DH and I were in Malta in December 2017 in the run up to Xmas. We stayed in a great front line hotel in Sliema with balcony views of beautiful Valletta. The weather was lovely, very much a Christmas atmosphere all round. No downsides as far as we could see.

Shandy57 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:43:30

My daughter is just booking Malta for early December with Loveholidays, the hotel is 4*, very cheap! I looked up the temp and it's approximately 17 C, her hotel has an indoor pool. Have a look at TripAdvisor, there are reviews of the top ten hotels, some might describe Christmas breaks?

Jillyjosie Wed 13-Oct-21 20:28:29

We went to Malta for Christmas 2017 and were bored out of our minds. The shops in Valetta were a sparse version of the centre of London, there were a couple of tourist trips, we did a lot of walking around the coastline, such as it is and enjoyed watching the feral cats. Each to their own but we were glad to come home. We find nightclubs boring and perhaps that is relevant but we honestly couldn't imagine what people go to Malta for.

Esspee Wed 13-Oct-21 23:35:54

Downside is the rain. December is usually very wet with the roads turning into rivers. Because of this the hotels are pretty empty and prices low. November can be horribly wet too.

The best places to go for good weather at Christmas are the Canaries, Morocco and Egypt.

Callistemon Wed 13-Oct-21 23:44:54

It could be wet and chilly and a cold wind can suddenly whip up- or it could be mild and sunny.

We find nightclubs boring and perhaps that is relevant but we honestly couldn't imagine what people go to Malta for.

History? Churches? To relax?
Perhaps you might find that boring too.

GagaJo Wed 13-Oct-21 23:59:30

I wasn't a fan of Malta either. Hotel was nice. Wouldn't bother going back.

Shandy57 Thu 14-Oct-21 00:03:46

My daughter is going for a change of scenery and a rest after several months in a very pressurised job. I'll tell her to take her mac and hope the indoor pool is available! Just off to check if it's heated ....

emmasnan Thu 14-Oct-21 09:36:06

I don't think its fair to compare Valetta to London for shopping. Its much smaller for a start and not suited to very large stores.
Most people go for the history, to visit museums, churches, ancient sites etc and to relax. I've been many times and certainly never been bored but I suppose we all have different ideas of what's enjoyable.

Lucca Thu 14-Oct-21 09:43:57

I spent Christmas in Sicily some years ago and it was wonderful. We stayed in Taormina which was beautiful as it was obviously out of season. Found the best restaurant ever, treated ourselves to trips around the island and spent one afternoon on the beach (not sunbathing exactly but warm!)
No incessant canned Christmas music, no tv showing idealised family Christmas meals on adverts etc etc

Jaxjacky Thu 14-Oct-21 09:52:16

Two of my friends went to Malta a few years ago from January to March, loved it, cheaper almost than being at home with no heating costs. They walked, read, ate in the hotel or out, just relaxed.

henetha Thu 14-Oct-21 10:44:14

Yes. We had a big family Christmas holiday in Malta in 2013. 14 of us went. My gooodness, it was overcrowded absolutely everywhere. And the weather was definitely not good.
It rained a lot, especially on the day we took the bus tour around the island on an open top bus. It was almost funny in a way. We all had to sit downstairs and watch the waterfall of rain pouring down the steps of the bus. And we could not get off at any of the usual scenic stopping points.
Having said that, the hotel was wonderful, and put on a fantastic Christmas Day dinner and entertainment.
We didn't stay in Valetta, but in St,Julian's where there is a little man-made beach. Luckily the hotel had a warm indoor swimming pool.
I think we were just unlucky with the weather. But even so I don't want to go back there.

Namsnanny Thu 14-Oct-21 16:08:31

Valetta and a few other places are a bit hilly if some one has issues with walking or in a wheelchair (thinking of the pusher!)

A place more about the history and relaxing I think. So if that isnt to your taste then somewhere else would be better.

We arnt all the same and even though I like learning about historical places, I need a change now and again.

I'm glad people highlighted the wet weather conditions. If I was thinking about going there in winter I'd think again.

mrswoo Thu 14-Oct-21 17:50:06

We were in Malta last month, stayed in Valletta and loved it. However, DH spent a Christmas in Sliema many years ago and remembers it being very wet which made it difficult to get out and about.
It is a fascinating island ( in my opinion) but maybe December is not the best time to visit.