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March sun advice

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Lucca Sun 23-Jan-22 09:51:35

Where would you advise for a weeks sun in March ?
Just to sit in the sun and read, go for strolls, maybe take a boat trip, eat some nice food ?Don’t need night life or “entertainment “!
In Europe please….

Alegrias1 Sun 23-Jan-22 09:55:16

Spain. Spain. Spain!!!
Malaga. Cadiz. Sanlucar.
Not that I'm biased wink

We'll expect pictures!

Nannylovesshopping Sun 23-Jan-22 10:05:11

Portugal, sun always seems to shine there😀

silverlining48 Sun 23-Jan-22 10:15:03

Cyprus maybe. Probably one of the sunniest places to visit and only 4 hours away. We always go in. Oct/Nov /dec when it’s still very warm. Sea is too, might avoid January and maybe early February but later Match ought to be very nice, though sea might be chillier than before Christmas. Some resorts close over winter but paphos Limassol and Larnaca remain open all year.

Callistemon21 Sun 23-Jan-22 10:21:26

We've been to Cyprus in early March and it was sunny but quite chilly and we had to wrap up warm for any trips away from the coast.
Likewise Malta, Spain or anywhere on the Med. It could be lovely but you couldn't rely on it.
The Canaries or Madeira are usually more reliable for a bit of warmth in March.

Kim19 Sun 23-Jan-22 10:22:48

I've always had luck with Madeira.

glammanana Sun 23-Jan-22 10:24:28

Any of The Canaries are good in March not too hot just nice.

Shropshirelass Sun 23-Jan-22 10:25:16

Madeira, beautiful island.

Josieann Sun 23-Jan-22 10:27:08


Casdon Sun 23-Jan-22 10:43:36

I like Puerto De Mogan in Gran Canaria, have been in February and the weather was beautiful.

Lucca Sun 23-Jan-22 11:05:29


I like Puerto De Mogan in Gran Canaria, have been in February and the weather was beautiful.

Sounds good. Not mega built up ?

ElaineI Sun 23-Jan-22 11:33:38

We had a lovely time in Croatia. Anywhere I would leave till end of March however before the pandemic we went to Skye for a few days in February and it was sunny and warm enough to sit and eat lunch outside without coats on. Think it was 2019. Who would have guessed!

Rosalyn69 Sun 23-Jan-22 11:35:59

Madeira or Malta. Both beautiful and very friendly.

Sago Sun 23-Jan-22 11:40:30

Portugal end of March, we’re going to Tavira. It’s a gem.

NotAGran55 Sun 23-Jan-22 12:15:36

Cadiz or Tavira would be my choice. Both beautiful.

silverlining48 Sun 23-Jan-22 12:21:23

It is always a bit of a risk but wherever you go, off season sunny weather can’t be guaranteed but it will be warmer there than here, even if evenings can be chilly.

Lucca Sun 23-Jan-22 13:48:01


Portugal end of March, we’re going to Tavira. It’s a gem.

Oh yes I’ve been there it is lovely!

Casdon Sun 23-Jan-22 14:00:45

Not too built up in Puerto de Mogan Lucca, it’s quite remote from the main tourist towns, although it gets a lot of day trippers because it’s so pretty. It’s in the south, so quite sheltered, the north of Gran Canaria has much cooler weather.

Lucca Sun 23-Jan-22 14:18:17

Thank you !

Floradora9 Sun 23-Jan-22 16:48:03

Lanzarote we go every year March and December ( covid permitting ) . Playa Blanca or Costa Teguise we love we always feel safe no high rise blocks ( by law ) lovely food and sunny days . We meet so many people who go year after year . If you want hotels we like PM me .This year the cost has gone up a good bit for a really good hotel .

DiscoGran Sun 23-Jan-22 16:58:36

Mogan is lovely in March, Hotel de Mogan is 4 star, and really comfortable. Wish we were going again. Going to look at holidays now!!

ShazzaKanazza Sun 23-Jan-22 18:16:25

I agree with everyone who said Madeira. We love it there. It’s not the place if you want golden sandy beaches but it’s great to relax, have a stroll and eat lovely food with gorgeous scenery and flowers. We are just booking to go about March time. But enjoy wherever you go.

V3ra Sun 23-Jan-22 19:04:53

Another vote for Puerto de Mogan in Gran Canaria. It's on the south coast of the island in its own "microclimate."
I last went one January and we had temperatures up to 26c.
It's truly pretty with flower-lined streets, plenty of restaurants, a nice beach, a market and boat trips.

Urmstongran Sun 23-Jan-22 19:08:04

We have flights booked to come back out here to Malaga in March. Wall-to-wall sunshine then.

Aveline Sun 23-Jan-22 19:26:33

Another Madeira fan here! Lovely place.