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Cruising around Australia and New Zealand

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Mattsmum2 Sat 21-May-22 17:13:37

Hi all we’re looking at doing a 32 day holiday cruise around Australia and New Zealand in a few years time for some special birthdays. Has anyone done this sort if long haul cruising and have any tips? Thanks

Blossoming Sun 22-May-22 22:37:26

Sorry, I’d love to but I’ve never been. Hope some other grans can give you the benefit of their experience.

Pittcity Mon 23-May-22 08:48:45

Just relax and enjoy.
Pay for your laundry to be done so that you can pack light. Worth every penny.
Research the stops online as you can often get the same excursions that the cruise offers much more cheaply. We met guides near the mooring and they dropped us back in time for sailing. They are geared up for this and it makes for a more personal experience. No worries about language and everything you need is available onshore.
We also joined an online cruise forum and met up with others onboard to share advice.

Aveline Mon 23-May-22 10:34:33

Join the roll call for your cruise on cruise critic forums.