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Entertainment on flights

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2mason16 Sat 28-May-22 10:28:19

No one except me it seems is upset at the film content on flights. I've travelled long haul every year to visit family. On all flights a lot of adults seem to be watching violent, explicit content films with children sitting nearby or adjacent to them. I find it quite distressing to see some of them too. It's difficult on a 14 hr flight not to notice them. What do others think?

NotSpaghetti Sat 28-May-22 11:37:01

I like the films on flights on the whole and as you listen through headphones I think the drama of films is very much less for people around you. Don't think its a big issue. I've not seen truly explicit films on in flight options.

Katie59 Sat 28-May-22 11:38:09

Ive never seen anything explicit on an inflight movie, violent, yes but nothing you would not see on mainstream TV. The seat back screen don’t make it easy to follow an adjacent film and with no headphones it’s not really possible to focus on the action.
Plenty of childrens content and it’s up to parents to regulate viewing.

Visgir1 Sat 28-May-22 11:43:50

I came back BA long haul 3 weeks ago. All the films were fine including a couple I fancied seeing which included "Belfast and Lady Gaga in the film about Gucci." also I starred watching the new Sex in the City series.
There was a really good choice, I'm sure you will find something, ignore the others just enjoy the chance to watch something you probably wouldn't go to the Cinema to see.
Have a good flight.

NotSpaghetti Sat 28-May-22 19:14:02

I agree Katie It's quite hard to watch even the screen next to you for more than a few minutes. I think the films in aeroplanes are pretty well vetted to be honest. Once engrossed in their own movie I don't think many children are bothered what mum might be watching.

BlueBelle Sat 28-May-22 19:43:37

I ve never had a problem and have done much longer flights
I ve seen some really good subtitled foreign films on flights kids are usually busy playing their games

Callistemon21 Sat 28-May-22 20:34:37

It's difficult on a 14 hr flight not to notice them. What do others think?

I've never noticed them, it's not easy to see what others are watching and everyone is plugged into their own headphones so can't hear other films anyway..

Is this real?

Hithere Sat 28-May-22 20:36:34

Other passengers have already asked me if it's ok watch a non PG movie as I have young kids - superconsiderate of them

I have not seen any movies that should not be offered in public

What movies did you have concerns with?

NotSpaghetti Sun 29-May-22 00:12:36

BlueBelle I found a couple of good indie movies on flights too.

2mason16 Sun 29-May-22 08:03:17

Hithere One film in particular recently was a Samauri type film, I've found I'm more sensitive as I've got older. I can't seem to cope with violence of any type lately!