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I love to cruise do you?

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lilypollen Sun 30-Jul-23 17:30:48

Will be going on our 25th cruise in October, first one was in 1995 when our boys were ins school. Our first were on large ships with entertainment for the children. After they did their own thing we discovered smaller, predominantly adult only, ships. To begin with DH was not so enthusiastic for regular cruise holidays but now he's not interested if I suggest anything else. Interesting to know others views.

supergirlsnan Sun 30-Jul-23 17:36:09

Cruised for first time in January. Was never bothered either way before. Absolutely loved it! We were very well looked after, food was superb, ship was great. We now have a puppy so won't do it again but a lovely memory.

BlueBelle Sun 30-Jul-23 18:13:07

My view is I can’t think of anything I d less like to do 😂

tanith Sun 30-Jul-23 18:17:04

If it were free I’d give it a miss.

Jaxjacky Sun 30-Jul-23 18:21:18

We’ve done two, 2015 in the Mediterranean, 2016 the Caribbean, we enjoyed them both, but that will do.

25Avalon Sun 30-Jul-23 18:21:38

No I can’t think of anything worse. It’s probably like Marmite - you love it or hate it.

Blondiescot Sun 30-Jul-23 18:54:14

I'm firmly in the 'can't think of anything worse' camp too.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 30-Jul-23 18:57:01

Me too Avalon. I saw an advert on tv recently for a cruise ‘with nine hundred and something like minded people’. Nooo! I don’t want to be cooped up with hundreds of other people, be subjected to ‘entertainment’ and have someone latching on to us for the duration! Not our thing at all. We’d much rather stay at home thank you.

Littleannie Sun 30-Jul-23 19:07:42

My sister went on one. Unknown to them, it was the week of a Hell's Angels convention! Oh dear!

Cheesey Sun 30-Jul-23 19:12:44

We have our first cruise booked for next year. With Saga to the Norwegian Fjords. We are going with 2 other couples, long time friends and are really looking forward to the beautiful scenery, lovely food and luxury.
You are not forced into doing anything you don’t want to. Lots of space to just sit and read, watch the scenery and chat with friends with coffee or something stronger.
My sister and her partner have been on lots of cruises and really love it.
What I absolutely hate is the whole flying experience. Herded about in airports, treated like cattle. I will never do that again.
Just as well we are all different.

Fleurpepper Sun 30-Jul-23 19:27:40

Not for me at all. Perhaps one day smaller ship on river cruise- maybe.

Those massive ships are my idea of my worst nightmare, and an ecological disaster.

grandMattie Sun 30-Jul-23 19:29:27


My view is I can’t think of anything I d less like to do 😂

Me too. Purgatory - leave the fact that I get seasick watching wobbly TV

Norah Sun 30-Jul-23 19:34:28

Yes, we LOVE cruises. Only the Viking River Cruises, in Europe.

Tunnel over and drive to cruise departure point, except Portugal.

We love the small number of people (150-200), boat size, pretty view cabins, brilliant tables for 2, food choices, and included daily excursions. There are no 'dress-up nights' (wouldn't suit us to dress up to eat).

Scribbles Sun 30-Jul-23 19:41:39

I've considered booking a river cruise. It seems like a good way of getting a "taste" of places you haven't been before. If you enjoy the new places, then you can revisit in the future and explore properly.
But I'd never, ever book one of those ocean cruises on a huge ship like a floating tower block. Don't like crowds; don't enjoy mass activities; once you're aboard and underway, there's no escape if you hate it - except over the side!

Theexwife Sun 30-Jul-23 19:44:13

Not for me, I panic on a cross-channel ferry when I can’t see the coast.

The fast spread of norovirus on a ship would also put me off.

kittylester Sun 30-Jul-23 19:44:39

We love River cruises but there is no way that you'd get me on anything bigger.

eazybee Sun 30-Jul-23 19:56:15

I daresay I would enjoy it but never had the opportunity.

The people I know who enjoy them are not the sort of people I would want to be shut up on a ship with day after day; all they seem to talk about is the food and the duty free, no mention of any of the places they visit.

Chrissielou Sun 30-Jul-23 19:58:16

I'm afraid I would struggle to imagine a worse holiday, its my idea of hell.

Tenko Sun 30-Jul-23 20:28:00

I’ve never been on a cruise and I’d hate those huge ships like a floating block of flats. I dislike huge hotel complexes anyway. If I was to go on a cruise , it would be a small ship , river cruise maybe. However I’m not a fan of organised excursions. I prefer to do my own thing.

Callistemon21 Sun 30-Jul-23 20:40:40

I bet you wish you'd never started the thread! What a lot of negative posts.

Yes, I've been on a couple but didn't pay for either of them for different reasons.

It's enjoyable if it's a small ship, I think, but I wouldn't like to go on one of those huge ones.

Whistle-stop tour of places you may never visit otherwise might be very interesting.

Callistemon21 Sun 30-Jul-23 20:41:28


I daresay I would enjoy it but never had the opportunity.

The people I know who enjoy them are not the sort of people I would want to be shut up on a ship with day after day; all they seem to talk about is the food and the duty free, no mention of any of the places they visit.

All I remember is the interesting places we visited!

Kim19 Sun 30-Jul-23 20:41:46

Done all the sea going cruises I want to do and thoroughly enjoyed them. Always chose small ships with minimum at sea days. Now plan to only do river cruises in Europe with no flying involved. Great and unforgettable experiences for me.

LOUISA1523 Sun 30-Jul-23 20:51:15

Definitely not for me...I would get cabin fever .....and bored ...although I don't mind ferries....and a bit of island hopping

Sallywally1 Sun 30-Jul-23 20:53:07

We’ve been on several, the first on a luxury one where we even had a butler. Then two mediocre cheaper ones by Tui who I would never use again. Lastly we had one on a traditional sailing ship (complete with sails!) to the Caribbean which was amazing. Sadly finances would prevent such adventures now, but they were enjoyable and we visited lots of interesting places as we always booked the land activities. If you can afford it and like the idea then go! There are smaller ships. We always want a balcony. There is nothing like sitting on your own private balcony watching the sun go down over the sea.

seadragon Sun 30-Jul-23 20:53:27

Here in Orkney which has a population of about 22,000, we regularly have cruise ships docked in our harbours with over 4,000 passengers, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time often along with smaller vessels carrying about 1,000 too.... They tend to rush back to have their meals on board ship, clog up our small shops but buy little as selected artisans serve them on the quay on arrival, and flood the archeological sites. Although there are bendy buses to ferry them around they also use the local bus service in large numbers so that local people often find they cannot get to and from work on time. Some take photographs of our famous cathedral oblivious that there is a funeral party emerging. I worry about all the waste the vessels must be discharging into our waters too... We have also been receiving letters in our local paper from people who have visited us for decades to say they are not coming back because of the crowds. No I am not a fan.