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Malaga Spain.

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Francisann Wed 10-Jan-24 19:47:04

Where to visit,stay,drive to once we have flown to Malaga. Any spainish festivals to see? May/June classy hotel? All suggestion welcome.

Patsy70 Wed 10-Jan-24 20:03:13

I’ll ask my sister. She lives in Estepona, which is really worth a visit. There is at least one classy hotel there.

pascal30 Wed 10-Jan-24 20:10:46

The Picasso Gallery in Malaga.. then the White Village route Arcos de la Frontera

GrannyGravy13 Wed 10-Jan-24 20:25:26

Depends what your interests are.

Arab/Spanish History, food, art, beaches, all are available in Andalusia.

Freya5 Wed 10-Jan-24 22:37:01

That area is lovely, if you can, a trip to the Rhonda is a must. See the Smurf village, and the hotel and area where Hemmingway wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls. Estepona is also a must, La Duquesa also.

Mancjules Wed 10-Jan-24 22:40:33

Nerja is a lovely Spanish Town about 45 mins drive from Malaga. Granada is well worth a visit too.

Catterygirl Thu 11-Jan-24 00:28:01

Calahonda is worth a visit.

Francisann Fri 12-Jan-24 13:33:20

Yes please ask your sister. Many thanks.

Francisann Fri 12-Jan-24 13:34:03

Thank you ladies for all your suggestions.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 12-Jan-24 13:49:07

Alhambra is a stunning fortress built by the Moors, it’s an easy drive from Malaga, I have photoshopped a Google map for you.

We stayed in the Mijas Hotel a few years ago, traditional Spanish decor. Mijas is worth a visit, stunning views out to sea, there are still some nice/food restaurants (best to avoid the ones with pictures on the menus )

GrannyGravy13 Fri 12-Jan-24 13:49:28

Oops, here is the map

Chocolatelovinggran Fri 12-Jan-24 14:19:25

Another vote for Mijas.

TerriBull Fri 12-Jan-24 14:23:24

A few years ago we stayed in a pretty town up the coast from Malaga, called La Herrudura, visited many places along that coastline such as Mijas, Nerja and Frigiliana, all lovely very majestic outlooks, in Mijas, great al fresco dining with fantastic views. A day at The Alhambra, Granada is an absolute must it's such an amazing place, worth the drive if you are interested in history. I haven't spent any time in Malaga itself, I imagine it's quite interesting being part of old Al Andulacia . On separate trips to Spain, we went to Ronda, an interesting town reached by a very twisty, mountainous road, we had our travel sick son with us at the time and kept having to stop, didn't realise just how many hair pin bends there would be on the way before we set off. I love the Moorish part of Spain, particularly Seville and Cordoba.

Hope you enjoy your trip OP, such a great country for culture. food, language. May and June I imagine it's pretty hot down in southern Spain.

Francisann Sat 13-Jan-24 11:42:52

So helpfull grannygravy13. Thank you so much.

Francisann Sat 13-Jan-24 11:49:48

Cheers terribull, brilliant information thank you so much.

TerriBull Sat 13-Jan-24 13:43:15

Francisann If you do go to The Alhambra, you have to book the entry tickets beforehand, rather than just turn up, or at least that was how it was a few years ago. I think we did it through a bank.

Francisann Sat 13-Jan-24 14:01:11

Cheers terribull, brilliant information thank you so much.

Francisann Sat 13-Jan-24 14:03:21

OK I will look into that, thanks terribull.

srwildav Tue 13-Feb-24 05:42:11

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Glorianny Tue 13-Feb-24 08:06:07

I did an organised tour recently, we stayed in Antequera, a small town in the mountains. It's a typical Moorish town with walls and a castle and the most amazing dolmens (tombs)
It was incredibly cheap with coffee for 2Euros. We were in a big modern hotel on the outskirts with a nice pool but I noticed a few smaller ones in the town
We visited Rhonda, Seville, Cordoba and the Alhambra, brilliant part of Spain