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Looking for best river cruise company for a weeks cruise

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LittleToothill Tue 27-Feb-24 16:36:41

It’s our Golden wedding anniversary next year and I’d like to try a river cruise . We’ve done a couple of ocean cruises before but I like the idea of a smaller , more intimate cruise . We can only manage a week away due to our numerous pets . I’ve been looking at YouTube videos but am over whelmed with the choice . We’d like a bit of sun but not during school holidays . Any recommendations would be most welcome 😀

Beauregard Tue 27-Feb-24 19:22:26

Riviera are very good. We've been with them twice and are going again soon. We liked the Danube river cruise as there is a good mix of places to visit. We've also been on the Rhine and Moselle. The ships are fabulous and the staff really look after you. We prefer a standard cabin on the middle deck as we don't think it's worth the extra cost to be on the upper deck. There are superior suites if you want to push the boat out for your special celebration!

Mancjules Tue 27-Feb-24 22:12:12

Been on river cruises with Riviera and now booked on a yacht cruise with them. Always fab holidays!

kittylester Tue 27-Feb-24 22:33:34

We like Riviera too.

Norah Tue 27-Feb-24 22:51:55

We love Viking River Cruises.

Cabbie21 Wed 28-Feb-24 06:58:53

Has anyone been on a river cruise as a single?

Katie59 Wed 28-Feb-24 07:18:53

We have done a Viking cruise which was pricy but nice enough fellow passengers were all English speaking, many from the US.

Floradora9 Wed 28-Feb-24 21:52:33

Viking for sheer indulgence Riviera for better value and fellow Brits . Riviera food was great when we used to use them . Choose the Danube for wonderful scenery all the trip . I took books to read and never opened them because there was so much to see . We had one Seine cruise with Croisi Uni ( not sure of spelling ) and there were loads of noisy Spaniards on it . They charged so much for water at dinner it was less expansive to buy beer. We realised that if you bought a large bottle of water you could take it away to your cabin and return with it to the dining room. We did this but filled the bottle with water we bought on shore .