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vivvq Thu 09-Jun-11 18:11:15

Let's hear it for CBeebies. I am gobsmacked by the quality of these programmes. My two granddaughters both aged 15 months love these programmes and sing and dance to them and granny loves them too. My favourites are Octonauts, Mr Tumble and Chuggington!! How sad am I?? The programmes really involve the children and help to develop language and other skills. Why is there no recognition for these programmes in events such as the BAFTAs? I think that Mr Tumble should get a BAFTA and there should be an award for services to a stress- free bedtime for In the Night Garden.

MrsJamJam Thu 09-Jun-11 18:35:42

I'm with you all the way! CBeebies has some brilliant programmes and is a life saver when GC wake up early. I can sit in a stupor with a mug of tea while they are entertained and eventually I wake up! I try VERY hard to avoid the GC seeing any children's programme with adverts which I think are appalling the way they peddle tat to small children.

nannym Thu 09-Jun-11 19:16:20

I believe that Justin, (Mr Tumble) has been awarded an OBE for his devotion to handicapped children. He definitely deserves it as his empathy with the children is wonderful.

Dordor Thu 09-Jun-11 20:28:54

My GD aged one has surprised us by using some sign language such as "more" and "pink". Baffled as to how she'd learnt them we discovered that she watches Mr Tumble at the childminder's. Hurrah for Mr Tumble, I say, and even more hah-hahs when Gigglebiz is on. Justin deserves his MBE (I think it is). But Waybuloo worries me to death - I have never been able to float, much as I've wanted to, so it seems cruel to make children think they might. Or are today's children able to float in actual fact? . .

dida Thu 09-Jun-11 21:24:36

I sooooo agree. CBeebies is excellent. My GD enjoys most of the programmes (not Waybuloo) and has learned a great deal from watching. I am a huge fan of Justin Fletcher, aka Mr Tumble. He is extremely talented, and has contributed massively to the cause of inclusion, as well as sheer fun and entertainment. My GD is also very enamoured of Peppa Pig, and it is such a shame that we have to switch over to Nick Jnr to watch. I just loathe exposing her to all that advertising.
In future, I'm going to record the PPs so that I can skip the ads when she watches.
And while I'm on my hobby-horse -- isn't it disgraceful the way the ads push all these tacky, plasticky, expensive TV spin-off toys, which play on a child's love for a particular character like Peppa? And don't even get me started on Barbie, or heaven forfend, the Bratz!
PS. I'm a retired teacher ..... can't you tell!

vivvq Thu 09-Jun-11 23:54:05

I'm a retired teacher as well -just a few months ago- yes we never stop being teachers. My grandchildren like Peppa as well and have lots of Peppa books. Good idea to record it to avoid the ads. That's what marvellous about CBeebies - such high quality and no ads. It's well worth the licence fee especially when I compare it with the full Sky subscription (for hubby for the sport) I would really like the people involved in CBeebies to get media recognition for their great work. After all we know that children are the most discerning customers and very good judges of excellence.

goldengirl Fri 10-Jun-11 14:18:50

I so agree with you all. Justin Fletcher is excellent and so versatile and all of the presenters work very hard. Yes, they should get some proper media recognition. My grandchildren love CBeebies though my eldest one aged 6 is now turning to CBBC and the occasional cartoon channel [to watch Tom & Jerry or Scooby Doo] which I don't like much because of the ghastly adverts - so perhaps I'm really a little person at heart grin.

Fireman Sam is flavour of the month at present with Naughty Norman.

I just don't understand Waybuloo and none of my grandchildren seem to like it either - it's very long and tedious.

Long live Upsidaisy and friends!

Sally Sat 11-Jun-11 01:53:23

If you can find "Big Comfy Couch" on DVD be sure to try it. It isn't on TV anymore but I have picked up 3 or 4 DVDs on Amazon. Well worth the price. I have been a Daycare Provider for 12 years and the children love it. It teaches lessons on manners, people's feelings and all the other important subjects small children need to learn. I like to watch it too, it isn't annoying as some children's programs are these days (Sponge Bob!)

grandmaagain Sat 11-Jun-11 16:11:44

agree with all of the above especially about Justin, my GD loves to show me the new signs she has learnt and to see if grandma can remember all the ones she has shown me, cue hilarity when I get one wrong grin

Poppygran Sat 11-Jun-11 16:56:29

I love it and so have my three grandchildren all through their formative years.

baggythecrust! Sun 12-Jun-11 06:56:24

dida, I agree. Always avoided advertisements. It's quite easy if you stick with Cbeebies, and that's easy because the programmes are just what kids like. Then the telly can go off. I refused, point blank, to have Barbies in my house, ever. They are gross. My youngest DD acquired a Bratz doll through a swap with a friend, but she didn't really like it and in due course it found its way to the dustbin.

numberplease Sun 12-Jun-11 16:29:15

The most annoying thing about Cbeebies is how the theme tunes linger in my head over the weekend, then just as they disappear on a Sunday night, it`s Monday again and Cbeebies is back on!
My youngest grandson, just 3, loves The Numberjacks, also Waybuloo, but his dad hates it. When they do their floaty bit with their eyes closed, we always say off they go again on their LSD trip! He also likes Balamory and Pippin, which can be slightly educational as well as entertaining.

greenmossgiel Sun 12-Jun-11 20:55:31

My wee great-grandson loves Waybuloo! He staggers up to the television and stares into it (always encouraged to come back again, of course!) He's only one year old, but is enchanted by the programme....I am a bit, too....! I would love to know what inspired it. It's strange and lovely!

numberplease Sun 12-Jun-11 23:50:32

I was reading up on the net about Waybuloo, apparently it`s made inside a giant hangar in Glasgow, with a previously filmed background. The children are local 5 year olds, but the voices are those of 10 year olds dubbed on, because not everyone understands the Glasgow accent! I`m really disillusioned now!