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The Apprentice last night

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effblinder Thu 16-Jun-11 10:20:49

I can't believe no one else has started a discussion about this. Did anyone see it? The task for the Apprentice contestants was to start a free mag - and one of the teams chose the over 60 market to target it at.

It was quite hilarious - what did anyone think about the name 'Hip Replacement'?

What a joke!

absentgrana Thu 16-Jun-11 10:36:53

I didn't see it but saw an interview on Breakfast with the person who was fired and a couple of excerpts from the programme. A bunch of young wannabees who have yet to achieve anything in life decide to produce a magazine for the over sixties without consulting anyone of that age or doing any other market research and who think that Hip Replacement is an ironic title? Bless their little cotton socks.

Notsogrand Thu 16-Jun-11 10:41:41

They consulted a group of over 60's absentgrana and promptly ignored all their comments and raised eyebrows!
The picture of the 'loving couple' on the front of the magazine made me want to puke.

Magsie Thu 16-Jun-11 10:53:24

As Jenny Eclair said on You're Fired- "You might as well call it Colostomy Bag!" It was a terrible idea which put the advertisers off as soon as they saw the cover.
Having said that, we couldn't come up with a better title although we could think of plenty of bad ones...

glassortwo Thu 16-Jun-11 10:55:49

What does that tell you about the general attitude towards our age group from a younger generation!!

Bad choice of name I am sure they could have been more inventive, the "loving couple" also made me gringe!

raggygranny Thu 16-Jun-11 11:12:13

Funniest television I have seen in a long time! My husband and I laughed ourselves silly over the discussion about titles.

em Thu 16-Jun-11 11:35:16

Saw this and was highly amused when one patronising young woman gently asked if her focus group of 60+s would like the mag to have puzzles to help the memory. She was really taken aback by some of the replies she had to her questions but went on to ignore these answers.She wasn't talking to feeble, aged folk but to a bunch of bright articulate and lively people who were clearly enjoying retirement after successful and professional careers.
And the grey cardi!!! Clearly not the choice of the attractive woman in the picture but imposed upon her as it was appropriate for the image they were promoting.
Hated the title ,of course, but like Magsie couldn't think of a better one. Have since thought of 'Savvy' but maybe Jenny Eclair was right!

Elegran Thu 16-Jun-11 11:40:51

How about "grey power" ? - but of course they would not associate power with "the elderly"

effblinder Thu 16-Jun-11 11:41:58

I completely agree about the picture on the front - so wrong!

I quite liked Zimmer that one of the focus group people suggested - I think it's quite a nice-sounding word that could be reappropriated with some really funky font etc.

Coffin-dodgers was my favourite - Sir Alan's face was such a picture!

Libradi Thu 16-Jun-11 13:54:23

That picture was terrible, so old fashioned, as someone on the programme said it could have been have been a cover for an old knitting pattern.
Sad really that in this day and age 'older people' are still seen in that way by the young.

Never mind, there time will come and much quicker than they realise smile

Great programme though, one of my favourites.

goldengirl Thu 16-Jun-11 13:58:00

So was Nick's! I really enjoyed this cringe making episode. None of them seemed to have had any contact with older people at all - nor the young man of today, judging by the front cover of the 'lads mag'. 'Hipp' [2 p's] would have been better and ditch the 'replacement'. I think the wrong person got fired though. I liked the one who was team leader at first [can't remember his name which perhaps is significant] but he's irritating me now.

ShirlR Thu 16-Jun-11 13:59:40

I did see this - (very painful it was too!). I cant believe how daft these people are - I suppose it could be the editing, but honestly! One suggestion for the magazine was the 'baby' market, which I thought was excellent, but no, it was completely ignored for !!HIP REPLACEMENT!! I'm sure I speak for most 'older' people ....... I wouldn't have touched this magazine with a barge pole!

Cressida Thu 16-Jun-11 14:44:49

I loved the suggestion of Zimmer but would have spelt it Zimma and used the tagline - 'for those who don't need the other sort' or something along those lines. It clearly identifies the target market but in a different way which is what their magazine set out to do although somewhere along the way things went a bit wrong. I can't understand why Glen was fired - it should have been Jim as he was the one responsible for the appalling cover.

NanaAnna Thu 16-Jun-11 16:01:16

Very funny programme - if a bit worrying. Don't any of these youngsters have grandparents?

Yes, I agree Cressida but Glen is boring whereas Jim is good for viewing figures ..........

davinator Thu 16-Jun-11 17:25:44

I love the apprentice and this was the best yet. I just shows how the young see the over 60s yes it was a laugh but maybe would should concentrate our efforts into changing this perception, 60 is the new 50 I have been told.

silverpolo Thu 16-Jun-11 17:32:24

I don't know anyone of retirement age who wants to be reminded that they are passed their sell by date, so can't see there would be queues to buy their Hip replacement magazine.As for those patronising would be apprentices,I think they need more education in how to get on with older people I hope the ones on the other team are more aware of today's grandparents needs.

fevronya Thu 16-Jun-11 17:38:51

I think Nana-Anna has hit the nail on the head re-viewing figures. It is entertainment, after all! I wonder how the participants are selected?

seraphicDigitalis Thu 16-Jun-11 18:34:37

I suppose one shouldn't say these things, but why the ** not? My days of PC behaviour are done. My impression is that the youths who appear on this type of show are by definition not, shall we say, the brightest. They lack maturity, obviously, or they wouldn't be chosen, but they're daft enough to think that appearing on the Telly will transform their lives. Having achieved this aim, they also lack the wit to develop the necessary humility, courtesy, imagination to do the job. Perhaps the word is 'arrogance'?

scwatson Thu 16-Jun-11 18:38:43

I agree with seraphicDigitalis about the contestants. For me this is one of the funniest shows on TV, along with Top Gear.

Hattie64 Thu 16-Jun-11 20:15:18

One of the items in the magazine, was teaching us old folk how to use the telephone!! After a few years of watching the Apprentice, I realise they don't want really 'bright' young people. The best episode of the whole programme is towards the end when they really look into their experiences and qualifications and find them 'wanting'. They must know all of this right from the start.

Magsie Thu 16-Jun-11 20:22:17

We've had Young Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice- what about a Senior Apprentice series? I think it would make great television- contestants with real character and experience for a change!

raggygranny Thu 16-Jun-11 20:45:52

That's a brilliant idea, magsie. How about it, BBC?

Rosannie Thu 16-Jun-11 21:25:06

Just got The Choir that Rocks on tv in the background, what about a mag. title along those lines -- The Age that Rocks - give a sense of stability, strength, durability and people having fun! (or would there be a stereotypical association with chairs!)
Senior Apprentice is a brill idea.

Notsogrand Thu 16-Jun-11 21:35:36

If there was a Senior Apprentice made up of Gransnetters, can you honestly imagine anyone on this forum taking any stick in the boardroom from Surallen? Would be fun watching him try though.grin

goldengirl Thu 16-Jun-11 21:55:58

I don't think getting up at 5 am to answer the phone AND getting all poshed up in 15 minutes AND get by brain into gear would be my idea of fun but I'd enjoy watching other people's torture grin