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What do Grans & Grandads listen to these days?

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CrowZoneRadio Tue 08-Mar-16 17:05:43

This is a subject that has fascinated me for ages. I've always wondered if my taste in music would change as I got older. Would I find myself listening fondly to the tunes my parents raved about?
Would I find myself uttering the words "they don't make decent music anymore" while listening to a James Last version of something Latin American?

Luckily I have started listening with new ears again, and you know what - the kids these days are still making music that I like! Ok, I still hanker for the old Prog Rock days of Genesis and Pink Floyd, but there are some great bands out there making good music, and it's great fun being the oldest at a concert too! Next up; Newton Faulkner at the Colston Hall...I could fancy Reading Festival but the kids won't let me go in case I embarrass them.

My current dilemma...what will they be playing in my care home? The Stones? Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Probably James Last smile

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 08-Mar-16 17:46:36

Peace and quiet more often the order of the day here. Except when on exercise bike. Then anything fairly upbeat goes. This morning it was the DVD of the London show Kinky Boots. Loved the show. Love the music.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 08-Mar-16 17:47:32

CD!!! Not DVD. hmm always get 'em mixed up

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 08-Mar-16 17:48:14

That video is annoying.

Ana Tue 08-Mar-16 17:49:29

It is. They all look like they're from the Ministry of Silly Walks...

pompa Tue 08-Mar-16 18:20:37

I play in a ukulele band and love playing the songs of my youth and 20's. Very rarely do modern songs grab me like those of yesterday.

loopylou Tue 08-Mar-16 18:38:49

I tend to head for classical music or swing jazz if I'm not listening to R4.
Modern music makes me shudder 😖

Indinana Tue 08-Mar-16 18:48:10

I had to skim through the OP as fast as I could just to be able to scroll past that extremely irritating video/gif whatever it is.

I can't understand why you ever considered you might become fond of the music your parents' enjoyed. Did you think the music they liked was originally written specifically for 'old people'? Perhaps you expect to start wearing a floral print frock under a white lace cardi when you reach a certain age. (Of course you could be male, so maybe a brown suit with turn-ups and wide lapels over a hand-knitted fair isle sleeveless pullover) confused

I like a lot of the modern music, and I dislike a lot of it, same as ever. However, I usually have my car radio tuned to Classic FM or, for longer journeys when on my own, Radio 4. And just for the record (no pun intended wink), I have always loved classical music, from a very young age.

hildajenniJ Tue 08-Mar-16 18:48:50

Classical music for me too loopy. I do like the hits from the sixties, my son bought me a boxed set of CD's for Christmas last year.

Pittcity Tue 08-Mar-16 18:51:12

I like to listen to Planet Rock which plays a lot of 60s, 70s, 80s rock. DH prefers Radio 2. Most modern stuff passes me by.
I think it is usually the music of our youth that sticks.

M0nica Tue 08-Mar-16 19:11:55

Another quite unapologetic classical music and R4 fan. I am a child of the 60s but even then I was more likely to be seen promenading at the Proms than going to a pop concert.

grannylyn65 Tue 08-Mar-16 19:14:21

Went to 'Pastoral' last Friday and today downloaded all Dusty Springfields songs!
Quite like Killers and Green Day

Tegan Tue 08-Mar-16 19:44:15

Going through a bit of a 'not listening to music' phase but when I do I listen to R6. My last favourite bands were Django Django and Goat but think I'm about to enter a 'folk phase' again soon. Hoping there will be a new Kasabian album soon. Oh, and made a note of Flagpole Sitter by Harvey Danger the other week which I'd forgotten about till now so just going to check it out....Bought tickets to see Bronwynne Brent but have realised we'll be away when she's playing and have tickets for the Bellowhead farewell tour [better not be away then]...

Ana Tue 08-Mar-16 19:49:47

Are you looking for ideas to attract listeners to your station, CrowZoneRadio? grin

Greyduster Tue 08-Mar-16 19:56:36

Mainly classical - like others, the car radio is permanently tuned to classic fm, not that that is always ideal. Sometimes it makes me quite grumpy. I'm a big Fleetwood Mac fan. I also like Oscar Peterson, and Latin American stuff.

shysal Tue 08-Mar-16 20:09:21

I am still a fan of Radio 1. blush

Maggiemaybe Tue 08-Mar-16 20:37:53

Radio 2 for me, unless it's time for the Archers Omnibus or Any Questions/Answers grin I do still enjoy lots of the stuff I grew up with but also appreciate a lot of modern music. I saw Newton Faulkner a few years ago, CrowZoneRadio, and it was a fabulous concert, apart from the fact that he didn't utter one word inbetween songs (same with Eric Clapton last year). Being amongst the oldest at gigs is good fun. We saw Paloma Faith in Dalby Forest two years ago and managed to get right to the front, thanks to my sweet nana smile and some very obliging young people who parted the ways for us.

Charleygirl Tue 08-Mar-16 20:52:07

I am an aging rocker and like Queen and the Rolling Stones. I would walk out of my care home, if able, if I heard We'll meet again" playing.

pompa Tue 08-Mar-16 20:59:58

Rocker - YES, ageing - NEVER

Day6 Tue 08-Mar-16 21:24:10

I am very fond of quite a lot of old music because we listened to the wireless all the time in the late '50s and '60s. It was always on in the kitchen where we had two big comfy armchairs next to the kitchen table. My Mum was always singing too, as she worked. My Dad used to play "The White Horse Inn" record and my Mum listened to Josef Locke and I have both now in my collection. It ranges from Albinoni, Joan Sutherland, Matt Monro, The Seekers to Bruno Mars. I was singing along to 'Dangerous' by David Guetta the other day, which I like. I have Radio 4 or Classic FM on the radio but my music collection, now mostly on my laptop is huge. if I have a 'spending' vice it's buying tracks to add to my MP3 collection. I find I know most of the words to old songs (thanks Mum) so I am hoping I'll be up for any sing-along when I am really old and in my old folks home. smile

joannapiano Tue 08-Mar-16 22:37:42

We listen to Radio 2 in the morning, and Magic in the car.
Uptown Funk, gets me moving every time !
DH plays Queen CDs loudly.
I am very excited that Carole King will be at Hyde Park in July. Hoping to get tickets.

annodomini Tue 08-Mar-16 22:54:32

Radio 5 Live late at night, though if too much football chat, I switch to R4 or Classic FM. I use Classic FM as background when I'm reading in bed.

Elrel Tue 08-Mar-16 23:13:46

R4, R3 and Classic fm mainly. Occasionally the local station with the least inane presenters for local news.

grannyqueenie Tue 08-Mar-16 23:36:20

Usually Radio 4 or Classic FM for me in the car. But my taste is pretty eclectic really, and CDs are a mixture ranging from the 60's onwards plus a bit of opera and classical, like indinana I learned to love it when I was young, thrown in with some more modern stuff too, usually that'll be things I've heard and enjoyed when visiting the family. Can't bear Country and Western though or Gilbert and Sullivan, it sets my teeth on edge!

Katek Wed 09-Mar-16 00:48:17

Pompa-I just love the Ukulele Orchestra, very clever indeed. Have you seen them live?