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Listening to Classic FM

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Blossoming Mon 19-Apr-21 11:28:52

I don’t listen to this very often, as I find it has too much chatter and advertising. Today, however, Mr. B left it playing and I am really enjoying it. Alexander Armstrong has such a pleasant voice and doesn’t talk too much between the music.

Calendargirl Mon 19-Apr-21 12:14:21

Just listening to ‘Zadoc The Priest’.

Spine tingling!

Blossoming Mon 19-Apr-21 12:32:17

The tremendous buildup of the intro is one of my favourite pieces 🙂

Grandmadinosaur Mon 19-Apr-21 13:51:22

I agree about the repetitive adverts in Classic Fm and haven’t listened for what while. Might just have a listen this afternoon.
Xadoc is one of my favourite pieces of music as you say spine tingling.

B9exchange Mon 19-Apr-21 13:55:09

I have it on whenever I am in the car, it is the only exposure to classical music that the grandchildren get, and I felt really proud when GD was the only one in her class to identify a famous piece of music.

I find it soothing, but the adverts repeat so often as do the coronavirus warnings, so I just turn the sound down for those.

BigBertha1 Mon 19-Apr-21 13:55:15

I agree about the adverts but we really dont care for AA and find he does talk a lot. DH had started counting how many times he says 'I'm Alexander Armstrong' in one show! We prefer Bill Turnbull and Aled Jones and best of all Alan Titchmarch on Saturday mornings- bliss lovely music and gardening tips.

Calendargirl Mon 19-Apr-21 16:29:20

The adverts don’t bother me, I just let them pass me by.

My DH likes our local radio station, but I can’t abide the phone in competitions, and the chit chat of the DJ’s with people who ring in.

Always tuned in to Classic FM in the house, he has the locals on in the garage.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 19-Apr-21 16:51:33

Yes I’m very good at being able to tune out when the adverts come on, on any of the commercial radio or TV stations.

My DS was talking about adverts and how irritating he finds them, he was mentioning a couple on programmes I watch, and I can honestly say I’ve never heard them!, so I think I’m lucky to be able to ignore.

gulligranny Mon 19-Apr-21 19:51:25

Like Calendargirl I am always tuned to Classic fm, the ads don't bother me and I enjoy all the presenters with their differing styles. I'm sure all the gorgeous music helps keep me sane (although my husband thinks I go a bit mad when there's Rachmaninov or Borodin ...)

Mamardoit Mon 19-Apr-21 20:01:07

I never notice the adverts on the radio. We always have classic fm on in the car and increasingly have the radio (4 or 2) on in the day.

We watch very little live TV now.

Greyduster Mon 19-Apr-21 20:14:00

We have it on in the car and it drives me potty these days. They seem to be locked into the same pieces. DH is fed up of me groaning "Oh, no! Not Ride of the bloody Valkuries again! Other Wagner is available!" Likewise Bach and Vaughan Williams. As for presenters, I like Bill Turnbull, and Marguerita Taylor. Not an AA fan.

Calendargirl Mon 19-Apr-21 20:29:11

But they often play different stuff also.

(Could start a new thread ‘Classic FM Favourites’.)

I love listening to Ludovico Einaudi, and Phamie Gow, and lots of Debbie Wiseman’s music.

Greyduster Mon 19-Apr-21 20:35:47

Sorry Calendargirl, the three you mention are among the ones I like least, but it wouldn't do if we were all the same! I'm just an old musical curmudgeon😁.

Blossoming Mon 19-Apr-21 20:42:04

He was playing quite a lot of Russian music this morning, I like a bit of Borodin 😄.

He’s very knowledgeable about music, perhaps because he plays the oboe and is a choral singer.

My brain injury makes it difficult for me to tune out background noise and chatter, I wish I was able to ignore adverts as you all seem to do 🙂