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This is a great listen

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JackyB Tue 14-Mar-23 22:42:02

Michael Caine is reading his memoire on Radio 4 Extra. It is being serialised in 15 minute chunks - called "Blowing the Bloody Doors Off". It is moving and nostalgic, but very down to earth and he certainly doesn't take himself seriously! I'm loving listening to it and even in those short podcasts I have welled up more than once!

I can post a link but it's easy enough to find on BBC Sounds.

Blossoming Tue 14-Mar-23 23:35:26

Thanks JackyB he’s a good raconteur.

Shirleyw Wed 15-Mar-23 04:19:03

Sounds good, thanks for that, shall take a listen.

Parsley3 Wed 15-Mar-23 08:38:35

Thanks, I love podcasts.

Anniel Wed 15-Mar-23 22:40:11

When I lived in London Michael Caine quite close to me. He smiled at people when he was walking in the neighbourhood he was friendly to everyone but Jimmy Nail was the opposite. Always scowling at people who recognized him so thank you for the heads up.

harrysgran Fri 17-Mar-23 11:20:52

Yes it's a great listen I enjoyed the part about his childhood he didn't have an easy life he has done amazing well for himself

Namsnanny Fri 17-Mar-23 11:25:41

I see the BBC have repeated his Masterclass on 4.
I hope there isnt a reason underlying this!

cc Fri 17-Mar-23 11:34:07


I see the BBC have repeated his Masterclass on 4.
I hope there isnt a reason underlying this!

I think he's just had his 90th birthday, so a significant event.

seadragon Fri 17-Mar-23 13:27:27

Alan Bates was much more 'my type' and I loved all his films. His life story confirmed my impression that he was a lovely human being. However Michael Caine in 'Zulu' really really impressed me and 'The Ipcress File' is my favourite ever film. I must have really annoyed my parents playing the theme tune continuously on my Dansette record player. I still stop everything to listen whenever I hear it and always watch the film again when I see it on a schedule. I was particularly taken by the scenes in which Michael cooked - was that 'Alfie' as well? - I then made sure to find a man who cooked too but more of an Alan Bates lookalike!! Michael's story of how his marriage came about is lovely BTW.

knspol Fri 17-Mar-23 14:44:08

I have heard snatches of this on the radio. Loved the story about his mum's and Hockney's mum's comments about life in Bel Air LA - lovely weather but nobody has washing hanging out and hysteria ( meant wisteria) everywhere!

Jaxie Fri 17-Mar-23 14:45:14

The only problem for me is that Caine is a class traitor, votes Tory.

Diplomat Fri 17-Mar-23 18:45:05

In response to Jaxie, my Socalist father used to say the same about his father. Personally I think my Grandfather came to his senses and I am also, from a working class background am a life long Tory.

Sarah75 Fri 17-Mar-23 19:14:35

Is it this, from a few years ago?

lemsip Fri 17-Mar-23 22:05:22

Michael Caine Sir Michael Caine CBE (born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite; 14 March 1933

Deedaa Fri 17-Mar-23 22:16:51

My son was given this book by a customer he was delivering to. It's a really good read.

Eloethan Sat 18-Mar-23 00:56:32

Thanks for that info.

There was also a programme on Sky Arts - a life in films. I haven't watched it yet.

Kate1949 Sat 18-Mar-23 09:54:42

I've read his book. It was good. I went with my sister to see him in Waterstones and get the book signed. He was very nice and let people take photos. I've always thought that he plays himself in films. Not much acting going on.

Patsy70 Sat 18-Mar-23 10:49:19

Thank you JackyB. Happy 90th Birthday, Sir Michael Caine. 🍾🥂🎉

JackyB Sun 19-Mar-23 11:45:47

The omnibus version is now available. Yes, it is a repeat from a few years ago. Glad you are all enjoying it.

Friday's episode had me weeping into the washing up.

JackyB Sun 19-Mar-23 11:48:02

I agree that he does always play the same character. However, listening to his story, it would seem that he does have more scope, as well as a varieof accents.

Bill Night is worse for that - certainly always plays the same character, lovable as he is.

JackyB Sun 19-Mar-23 11:48:44

Went to correct Night to Nighy and hit "Post" by mistake!