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Ashes to Ashes

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NanKate Sat 24-Aug-19 19:26:32

Just discovered the first 3 series are on BBC IPlayer. I loved how non-pc Detective Gene Hunt was.

Pittcity Sat 24-Aug-19 23:29:45

I've started at the beginning with Life on Mars...1973 was a different world!

NanKate Sun 25-Aug-19 07:16:04

Thanks Pittcity didn’t realise L on M was available too. I will start there.

I love the availability of watching what I want when I want, none of this waiting for a week for the next episode. Just watched all the Ripper Street, gruesome but some good actors in it. I have one more episode of Wallander to watch on Netflix before I launch into the different world of 1973.

starbird Sun 25-Aug-19 10:10:52

Yes they were repeated on tv recently and I saw some of them, but not as good as I remembered.

seacliff Sun 25-Aug-19 17:37:18

Oh I just started Ashes to Ashes, then realised I should watch Life on Mars first. Somehow I've never seen them before. Hope I like them, and thanks for the heads up.

NanKate Sun 25-Aug-19 17:43:57

Some of it is a bit weird Seacliff but the portrayal of how life was at a police station in the 1970s and 1980s makes your jaw drop. Women were spoken to in a very subservient manner.

Labaik Tue 27-Aug-19 00:01:27

If I remember right the last episode of Life on Mars was one of those nights when absolutely everyone stayed at home to watch it [bit like the last episode of The Killing]...

Barmeyoldbat Tue 27-Aug-19 19:12:17

I remember watching Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes on dvds years ago while in Asia for the winter. Loved it so much will watch it again.