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murder 24/7 on bbc 2

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travelsafar Thu 27-Feb-20 08:44:24

Anyone else folowing this program/ It is about a real life murder and the process followed to find the murderer. Last night had a surprise murder in the last 20mins. Very interesting.

MerylStreep Thu 27-Feb-20 09:12:08

We watched it because we lived in the same road as Alex Stephens. We still use the pub opposite his flat and he was often in there.
When we moved from there we moved to the next road to where Ian Slater lived.
The 2nd terrible murder was in the same area. It was big news locally as it was so horrific. Maybe it wasn't in the national press.

Nortsat46 Thu 27-Feb-20 09:37:51

I found it quite difficult, given it is about the death of a real person.
I stumbled upon the programme and was quite shocked when I realised what it was about. I watched about 10 mins and really didn’t feel able to engage with it.

Jane43 Wed 04-Mar-20 18:29:02

I found these programmes both interesting and shocking. I was impressed by how hard the police worked to find the guilty parties - how frustrating it must be when so many interview questions are answered by “No comment”. I was shocked by what goes on in some parts of the country where most crimes involve drugs, how squalid the lives of some people are and how some people have absolutely no moral code or respect for the police.

Pittcity Wed 04-Mar-20 18:44:37

I watched the two episodes set in Colchester. I was struck as to how different real police investigations are compared to TV cops.
This town has many homeless and people dependant on drugs and alcohol.
It is sad that the police work so hard only for the courts to free the alleged perpetrators.

nanaK54 Wed 04-Mar-20 19:48:27

It is really interesting. So pleased that I have led a sheltered life

lemongrove Wed 04-Mar-20 21:22:43

Just watched both Colchester episodes.I thought it would end the way it did, so no surprise there.
It’s extremely watchable and fascinating watching the way they work.