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One of the worst things I have read...

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Rosina Tue 29-Sep-20 16:48:17

There are times when you despair, and I try so hard not be be negative, or make sweeping statements about different groups of people. I have just read of a young man jailed because last year in a seaside resort, he and others poured petrol over police officers, and the crowd standing around were encouraging them to 'light them up' and calling for matches.
This has made me feel sick. Have some sunk so low that they would inflict agony and probably death in such a horrible way on people they don't even know? Even worse, people who would step in to protect them if need be. It seems they are willing to behave like terrorists, and this is frightening.

lemongrove Tue 29-Sep-20 16:58:07

I agree, there are some people who seem to be a sub species of human, and they are everywhere.
What about those morons who attack an ambulance gone to help someone having a heart attack and those who attack fire crew because they want the house to continue burning?
Those who standby filming on their phones when somebody us being kicked to death, instead of calling police and ambulance or intervening?

lemongrove Tue 29-Sep-20 17:00:21

I suppose the question is, are these people so low or can they not tell fantasy from reality? It’s as if real life is just a show, a programme they’re watching.

Esspee Tue 29-Sep-20 17:24:23

Three years and nine months in prison was the paltry sentence haded out to the moron who did that!
With “good behaviour” he’ll be out of jail in half that time.

EllanVannin Tue 29-Sep-20 17:28:43

Get rid of the PC brigade for a start.

If police dare to show any aggression towards these sub-humans you have the like of these animals kicking off, then the " don't hurt them " crew which is why there's so much violence in society. The police have their hands tied in case they're filmed using force. It's a truly shocking situation. Leave the police to deal with these low-lives and let them do their job without the interference from camera=twitchers.

BBbevan Tue 29-Sep-20 18:01:10

Bring back the birch ?

EllanVannin Tue 29-Sep-20 18:58:16

Death sentence to those who kill/murder/ maim those in the emergency services inc. police.

There's no deterrent !

Rosina Tue 29-Sep-20 22:56:22

It's the medieval barbarism that so appalled me; would they have watched people burn?

LadyBella Tue 29-Sep-20 23:02:15

Spot on, EllanVannin.

BBbevan Wed 30-Sep-20 06:23:42

Draconian measures needed sometimes

LauraNorder Wed 30-Sep-20 06:43:09

It's sickening, I despair at times. I have to agree with all of you, we need to get tough with these idiots before we lose control completely.

BlueBelle Wed 30-Sep-20 06:46:55

How come this was never in the news at the time I don’t remember reading anything about it Wouldn’t it have been a front page story
BBevan you can’t teach people not to use violence by using violence ?
Death sentence is not the answer murderIng a murderer is the same crime duplicated

Maggiemaybe Wed 30-Sep-20 07:24:36

It wasn’t in the news because police officers are looked down on. They’re poorly paid, stretched to breaking point and given a collective kicking by the public and by the media in particular when any one of them does wrong.

I always check the news online several times a day and haven’t heard a thing about this, which to me proves how little publicity it’s had and how little the general public care. I’m not going to google for details because I don’t want them in my head. I am police family and often wish that my caring, public-spirited, brave family members had chosen different career paths. They’ve all been attacked in the line of duty, it’s what they expect and accept.

Following the killing of Police Sergeant Matt Ratana recently, the local vicar popped round to see if anyone needed support, and was quoted on the BBC news as saying how deeply sorry she was for the perpetrator as well as the police officer and how the killing wasn’t unexpected given the poor relationship between the police and the local community. Her diocese has since issued an apology for her “regrettable” comments. I just hope the officer’s colleagues showed her the door.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 30-Sep-20 07:49:10

Some things always stick in your mind.

I always find harm being done to children the worst of things.

They have no choice.

tickingbird Wed 30-Sep-20 08:36:40

Although I agree with most of the previous comments I’d like to add that it was also reported that other people were coming out of their homes with bowls of water and offering the officers use of their showers. It was reported at the time as I remember reading about it.

Maggiemaybe Wed 30-Sep-20 10:49:54

Good to hear, tickingbird. Fortunately the decent people of the world far outnumber the bad.

lemongrove Wed 30-Sep-20 10:58:44

There was recently ( a few days ago)? A brief report about several police officers having acid thrown at them.....they have to endure all sorts of things with little sympathy all round.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 30-Sep-20 11:51:55

It's sickening and it makes you wonder about the human race, doesn't it?

Rosina Thu 01-Oct-20 12:38:57

How long would you give this country - your neighbourhood in fact - if the Police went on strike because they have had enough? They are, as far as I know, legally prevented from doing this, but how long would it be before anarchy reigned? I really don't know who would want to join the service now.