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phoenix Wed 30-Sep-20 22:12:23

Was looking forward to this, but the Head Butler failed!

Referred to a suite as being used by Princess Diana, no such person!

Her proper title was Diana, Princess of Wales

Lovetopaint037 Thu 01-Oct-20 10:15:55

Ha ha. Didn’t see it but perfection has fallen short. Or it could be it was quicker to say.

Teetime Thu 01-Oct-20 10:53:15

I watched it but I didn't think it was as good as the programmes on Claridges- the manager there was very impressive and discrete about the clientele.

Jane10 Thu 01-Oct-20 11:08:06

I wonder if those rather OTT guests featured were given special treatment?
I enjoyed the programme. Not impressed by Gordon Ramsay showing off and bullying staff.

Jaxjacky Thu 01-Oct-20 11:16:33

I watched it because I couldn’t find anything else and enjoyed it. Thought Gordon was right, chicken mousse around turbot, chipped plate and a blunt knife to carve, he could temper his delivery, but bet it won’t happen again. Loved the florists.

JenniferEccles Thu 01-Oct-20 11:20:59

Gordon Ramsay is a grown man with several children.
WHY then hasn’t he outgrown the stupid swearing habit?
Can he not express his displeasure without resorting to obscenities?

sodapop Thu 01-Oct-20 12:23:45

That's exactly what we said Jane10 talk about playing to the camera. Not very edifying for a man in Ramsay's position.

MerylStreep Thu 01-Oct-20 12:40:14

Did Gordon not see the irony that he was giving a b*******ing to man that he appointed 😁

glammanana Thu 01-Oct-20 12:59:41

Does Gordon Ramsey still have control of The Savoy Grill or was it one of the restaurants that he walked away from ?
I loved the apprentice florist she was a natural with the guests when she went to deliver their flowers well done to her.
Fancy the late Linda Bellingham's son training to be a butler I hope he does well in his career.

Jane10 Thu 01-Oct-20 14:01:30

As a very special wedding anniversary treat we had booked 2 nights at the Savoy in March. I'd booked in advance to take advantage of a special deal. I paid in full and the offer was non refundable. I took a risk. Of course we all know what happened! Lockdown. I contacted the hotel to say we weren't coming but realised we weren't entitled to a refund. I received a very nice email and immediate refund in full. Wonderful and unexpected.
One day we will go. I really appreciated the way I was treated. That's how to develop and maintain customer loyalty.

sparklingsilver28 Thu 01-Oct-20 15:06:02

Watched it - beautiful building and interior. Not impressed by the management manner of some staff. Belittling younger staff members reflects badly on the establishment as a whole. Plus employing a foul mouthed ruffians, such as GR, further diminishes standards. Would I want to stay there? NO! On display too much money and little breeding. Prevailing times I fear!

silverlining48 Thu 01-Oct-20 15:32:23

We had high tea there last year, a gift for a special birthday. A drink in the American almost broke the bank but the nibbles were very nice and high tea was excellent.
The staff were all good and we had a lovely time.
Came home with a smart black box full of the beautiful cakes we coukdnt manage. It was a lovely treat.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 01-Oct-20 15:32:50

We have stayed there often, it’s possible to get good deals. Will not revisit The Savoy Grill though, the staff were friendly and efficient but the food was not up to much. I can cook a better steak and dauphinois potato at home.

The breakfast room service is excellent 👍🏻

Jane10 Thu 01-Oct-20 15:34:57

'Breeding' eh? Oo get you sparkling silver! Never forget how tightly edited these programmes are and often to highlight a preference of the producer.
I hasten to add we hadn't booked one of those suites mentioned in the programme, just a big standard bedroom but I suspect it'll be a bit nicer than any other we've stayed in.

Jane10 Thu 01-Oct-20 15:37:34

'High tea' is a meal including a hot dish like fish and chips or steak pie plus cakes and tea. That term has been hijacked for afternoon tea in hotels. They'd be more accurate calling it 'Posh tea' than High tea.

EllanVannin Thu 01-Oct-20 16:14:29

I've had afternoon tea at the Dorchester in the 90's. Luxury.

silverlining48 Thu 01-Oct-20 17:07:14

Our friends booked the high tea but afternoon tea is also available. We liked the idea of something hot and savoury (we had poached fish) as well as the lovely dainty sandwiches and beautiful cakes so it suited us.
They made a fuss of us when they found out it was our golden wedding as well as my birthday. Would love to stay there but it’s beyond our pay grade unfortunately.

Maggiemaybe Thu 01-Oct-20 17:14:00

When the restaurant at Claridge's was Gordon Ramsay's, I had lunch there four times on different trips to London. It only cost £30 or £35 for a superb 3 course meal, and each time we were given free amuse-bouches and lovely chocolates to finish. Given fabulous service and little extras that made us feel very special. I remember the toilet attendant (who once dried off our dripping wet coats and umbrellas while we were eating) saying that she loved working there, and the staff were like one big family.

I always enjoy these programmes about the grand hotels, especially when they show them all decorated for Christmas. When I win the lottery I'll be booking the whole family in for a couple of nights over the festive period. That'll shake them up a bit. smile

staffietara Thu 01-Oct-20 17:15:05

High Tea,. This is a Scottish tradition.
Hot, cooked main dish, with bread , scones and cakes.
Usually served between 3--6 pm.
Not to be confused with Afternoon Tea.

faringdon59 Thu 01-Oct-20 18:06:37

I watched The Savoy last night and can well understand the need to maintain a high standard.
However, I don't think I would want to spend a day working with GR.

Millie22 Thu 01-Oct-20 19:36:25

I have also had afternoon tea at the Dorchester EV and I agree it was lovely. I don't think I'd want to go to the Savoy. Gordon Ramsey is very offputting and why does he swear so often. I'm hoping Lynda's son does well.

BlueSky Thu 01-Oct-20 22:14:05

Felt sorry for the apprentice butler who I found out after is the late Linda Bellingham’s son. He wanted to be an actor but apparently needs to work, I think I read about problems with his step father and the inheritance left by Linda.

Jane10 Fri 02-Oct-20 08:12:47

The editor picked him out to follow up. Doubt he'd have bothered without the family connection. It makes a good story.