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Abigail's Party on BBC4

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HurdyGurdy Wed 14-Oct-20 22:34:42

Is anyone else watching this? I am watching, literally from behind my hands.

I had forgotten how excruciating it is, and how brilliantly all the cast members played their parts.

Alison Steadman is toe-curlingly embarrassing as the host. Such a wonderful actor.

Vickysponge Wed 14-Oct-20 22:47:38

Utterly brilliant play and performances. As good today as it was in 1977.

PECS Wed 14-Oct-20 22:56:53

A little top up Ang?

Kate1949 Wed 14-Oct-20 23:00:19

We watched this recently on another channel. The memories of the time came flooding back.

suziewoozie Wed 14-Oct-20 23:18:12

Did you watch the documentary about Play for Today which was on prior - they are showing several of the original plays. I just watched Country..

Alexa Thu 15-Oct-20 00:31:53

Abigail's Party was great, Hurdy Gurdy and I'm so glad I watched it again/

sharon103 Thu 15-Oct-20 01:10:00

I never tire of watching Abigail's Party. The cast and acting is brilliant.
I love anything that Alison Steadman's in and Janine Duvitski.

Grannynannywanny Thu 15-Oct-20 01:20:52

I really enjoyed it. I haven’t watched it in over 20 years. I was cast right back to my life in the 70’s in the opening scene when he lifted the telephone. Were they called trim phones ? I had a two tone green one!

vegansrock Thu 15-Oct-20 04:34:57

Ooh I loved this. Must watch on IPlayer. Anyone else remember The Wednesday Play?

Hetty58 Thu 15-Oct-20 04:44:02

It was brilliant, something different at last. I'll see what else is available on catch up. I didn't remember this one - or the Wednesday play. I must have missed them the first time as I was always out in the 70s!

kittylester Thu 15-Oct-20 06:58:55

It is a big thing in our family. The children bought us tickets for a touring performance a couple of years ago and we have the dvd.

It is so redolent of the era (we had friends like that) but it is also relevant today.

Nuts in May was another brilliant play, starring Alison Steadman, from that era.

Grandmabatty Thu 15-Oct-20 08:10:10

I couldn't watch it because it was so good. I know that sounds mad but you're right, it was toe curling. Alison Steadman and Janine Duvitski are tremendous. Unfortunately it reminded me of me xh in many ways. 😏

Gingster Thu 15-Oct-20 08:19:01

Yes I watched it last night and was worried it would not be as good as I remembered. But it’s so brilliant and the acting second to none. I told my DD to watch it as I think she would find the characters very funny. We all used to have these drink parties, with nibbles of cheese/pineapple sticks, no olives though! I loved the shoulder pads too.

faringdon59 Thu 15-Oct-20 09:55:38

Yes, I enjoyed it and cringed in equal measures.
But can clearly remember the evening way back in 77 when I sat down to watch it.
Had got both of my small children to bed, as husband was working away.
Washed the kitchen floor and thought I'd just relax with a bit of telly whilst waiting for it to dry!
Loved it then, but last night I was just enthralled by A Steadman.
She is brilliant, also loved her in Gavin & Stacey and the latest series of Life.
In a bizarre way it is now like a 'fly on the wall' view of the 70's.
What struck me most was the way Tony could raise his voice, shout and threaten to hit Ang, because of course Domestic Violence was sadly not classified as a crime then.

Kate1949 Thu 15-Oct-20 10:03:05

So nostalgic. We used to invite neighbours around in the '70s for 'drinks and nibbles'. The ladies always used to dress up like Alison Steadman. Happy days smile

EllanVannin Thu 15-Oct-20 10:27:14

Janine Duvitski is a very underrated actress I think.
One foot in the Grave.
Waiting for God.

Not sure if this was her first appearance as an actress in Abigail's Party----which I loved. Pretty cringeworthy in parts.

PECS Thu 15-Oct-20 12:07:51

Mike Leigh ..such a great playwright

FannyCornforth Thu 15-Oct-20 12:18:16


Mike Leigh ..such a great playwright

Aren't all of his plays improvised by the cast first? It must be a very complex process.
AS was pregnant with ML's baby at the time of filming, hence the impressive embonpoint!

Dinahmo Thu 15-Oct-20 12:23:39

Just as good as the first showing and as cringe making. The schedules at the moment are pretty dire in the evenings, apart from BBC4. There are so many dramas that they can show again but instead we get a lot of reality tv

Daddima Thu 15-Oct-20 12:29:45

I’ve been looking for this for ages! So, do I do the clear out I had planned for this afternoon, or...........

MayBee70 Thu 15-Oct-20 17:12:56


Did you watch the documentary about Play for Today which was on prior - they are showing several of the original plays. I just watched Country..

I watched it last night but didn’t realise some of the plays were on catchup. I’ll check them out. Cathy Come Home was partly filmed in the street next to where I lived as a child. Interesting that the BBC wouldn’t employ people that had been members of the socialist party at one time. Or was that just the writers?

PECS Fri 16-Oct-20 16:31:38

Yes..Mike Leigh's approach has been improvisory however the characters & story line are his.

Tangerine Fri 16-Oct-20 16:34:07

I never tire of Abigail's Party.

MissAdventure Fri 16-Oct-20 16:36:39

I love Mike Leigh.
His works are in a league all their own.

Deedaa Fri 16-Oct-20 21:22:32

So reminiscent of my home decor in those days! All that orange and brown! I was quite surprised when DS walked in and sai d "Ah it's Abigail's Party" Heaven knows when he ever saw it.