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The Trump Show.

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Calendargirl Fri 16-Oct-20 09:43:19

Anyone watch this last night, 9pm, BBC2?


Plenty of ex staff happy to dish the dirt.

Kate54 Fri 16-Oct-20 09:47:07

Thought it was riveting. Had doubts in case it was an an American production (find the US documentary style ......difficult] but, no, it was a BBC effort. Very much looking forward to the next two parts.

Redhead56 Fri 16-Oct-20 09:50:35

I did I came to the conclusion he was initially uncomfortable but when he gained confidence there was no stopping him. He was used to running his own empire running the country is another thing.
Whether he is right or wrong good or bad people will always stab you in the back. He is egoistical the programme gives him attention negative or not people like that thrive on attention.

henetha Fri 16-Oct-20 09:56:58

I found it highly entertaining.

Jane43 Sat 17-Oct-20 12:18:52

He has got away with so much in the last four years, probably because he gets other people to do his bidding, mainly lying, so easily. The media will have a field day if he loses, he has been so appalling to them for just trying to do their jobs. His female communications person saying the lie about his inauguration having the biggest audience ever was an ‘alternative fact’ was jaw-dropping. I have watched part two and part three looks very good because it covers his handling of the Covid pandemic.

Lucca Sat 17-Oct-20 12:20:46

It was one of those things you couldn’t stop yourself watching....oh my goodness all those sackings !

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 17-Oct-20 15:23:12

What is this!? When was it on?

Jane43 Sun 18-Oct-20 13:51:29

DiscoDancer1975 it was on BBC2 on Thursday evening and the two other episodes will be on subsequent Thursdays. There are 3 episodes, the first two are on the BBC iPlayer. If you don’t live in the UK though you won’t be able to watch it. My friend in Minnesota would love to watch it but all BBC programmes are blocked in the USA.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 18-Oct-20 13:58:21

I had actually forgotten how chaotic the first period was.

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 18-Oct-20 15:54:03

Thank you Jane, we’ll put that on our list🤪

Jane43 Sun 18-Oct-20 21:56:51

There’s also a programme on Channel 4 tomorrow at 8pm - Trump’s Coronavirus Crisis.