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The Pembrokeshire Murders.

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Calendargirl Tue 12-Jan-21 07:36:36

Started watching this 3 parter last night. Couldn’t recall the case until I saw the pictures of the murdered couple, and remember thinking at the time how shocking to be killed as you walked innocently on a coastal path.

Found it to be a bit plodding. Probably because there was no ‘who dun it’, as we know who did it.

Lucretzia Tue 12-Jan-21 07:43:01

I wasn't keen either.

mokryna Tue 12-Jan-21 08:02:23

Loved the music. I didn’t realize before the it was a welsh song as I only knew it from the film Empire of the Sun.

BlueBelle Tue 12-Jan-21 08:11:57

I didn’t remember the case but found it very slow and ponderous and felt it could have been done better in an hours documentary
I didn’t notice the music ....must pay more attention

Urmstongran Tue 12-Jan-21 08:24:04

Actually I enjoyed it. Tension building up as it’s a race (as it was in RL) between the team finding a positive DNA by forensics and the man about to come out of prison in 3 months.

My heart went out to the son of the murderer. His life with his father must have been horrific it won’t just be those awful physical scars.

I like these 3 part dramas on consecutive nights. As Nessa would say ‘Tidy’!

Charleygirl5 Tue 12-Jan-21 08:28:19

I also enjoyed it. I do not remember when it happened. I also enjoy these 3 nighters and for me this one is good.

Pantglas2 Tue 12-Jan-21 08:31:25

I couldn’t remember the murders either but knew the lullaby from primary school. Found it a little slow but I quite like things over three consecutive nights (rather than weekly) and Luke Evans is rather handsome as well.......

Charleygirl5 Tue 12-Jan-21 08:36:39

Pantglas if you have a brain like mine by the time next week comes I have totally forgotten what went on before so 3 consecutive nights suits my pea brain.

tanith Tue 12-Jan-21 09:42:52

Bit slow but I enjoyed it, I remember the murders as I have family in that area found the ‘Welsh’ accents a bit iffy but hey ho I’m being picky 😂

Chestnut Tue 12-Jan-21 09:52:34

The pace is slow because they're going for realism rather than thrills, which I rather like. And we're seeing more of the detailed effort that goes on behind the scenes. I'm enjoying it.

Sparkling Tue 12-Jan-21 09:54:47

Thumbs up from me.

honeyrose Tue 12-Jan-21 09:58:11

DH was rapt, but I wasn’t. I’m not particularly keen on murder dramas (although it was based on real murders). Too many of them on tv. Might give it a miss this evening - I’ll decided late. Luke Evans worth watching though!

honeyrose Tue 12-Jan-21 09:58:46

... decide later, not late.

Rosalyn69 Tue 12-Jan-21 10:10:37

I really wanted to enjoy this but we switched off about half way through. Full and tedious. Very disappointing.

Rosalyn69 Tue 12-Jan-21 10:11:01

Dull that should be

Callistemon Tue 12-Jan-21 10:35:57


Bit slow but I enjoyed it, I remember the murders as I have family in that area found the ‘Welsh’ accents a bit iffy but hey ho I’m being picky 😂

Most of the cast are Welsh although, as I've pointed out before, there is not just one Welsh accent smile

merlotgran Tue 12-Jan-21 10:52:23

We were looking forward to this because we remember the coastal path murders having spent a holiday in Little Haven just before it happened.

It was so slow DH fell asleep and I messaged a friend while keeping half an eye on it.

Sarnia Tue 12-Jan-21 12:26:21

Police work on cold cases is a bit slow and painstaking , I should imagine. I found the first episode interesting. Thank goodness for the doggedness of the police and the advance of forensics to take monsters like him off the streets.

Callistemon Tue 12-Jan-21 18:28:33

I am finding it gripping.

They could have gone back and dramatised the events but I think that would be wrong, victims and their relatives are still suffering today.

Police work on cold cases is a bit slow and painstaking
Yes, it's not as portrayed in some dramas on TV.

Blinko Tue 12-Jan-21 20:33:44

I remember the Coastal Path case, it was truly horrific. I'm finding it interesting. I hadn't realized there were other murders and serious assaults all linked to this evil individual. Thankfully he is serving a whole life tariff. Such a person surely never could be trusted to live out in society.

merlotgran Tue 12-Jan-21 23:20:07

I remember initial reports pointing to a possible IRA involvement. A cache of arms had been found in Broadhaven, just along the coast. My memory could be letting me down but the farming company that DH worked for owned a farm in Little Haven so we often stayed there. The manager and his family were good friends.

Our children were the same age and we shared many interests. I rode along the coastal path from the farm to Little Haven beach many times.

Callistemon Tue 12-Jan-21 23:34:34

Your memory doesn't let you down, merlotgran.

An arms stash was found not far away linked to the IRA, so that detectives at one time thought the Dixons could have stumbled on that but that was found to be nothing to do with the case.

Chestnut Tue 12-Jan-21 23:35:06

I find the psychology behind it fascinating. I'm sure the Police have to be well trained in how to deal with psychopaths. They are liars, manipulators, have no conscience and like to be in control. Cooper exhibited all those traits in his interviews.

merlotgran Tue 12-Jan-21 23:40:59

Thanks, Calli. There was so much IRA activities in those days we believed there could be a possible connection.

Knittynatter Wed 13-Jan-21 21:29:56

There are more advert breaks than episode tonight!