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Great Pottery Throwdown

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tidyskatemum Sun 14-Feb-21 22:01:21

Anyone else think the wrong potter bit the dust tonight?

Chewbacca Sun 14-Feb-21 22:10:59

Yep. Should have been Henry imo.

Casdon Sun 14-Feb-21 22:22:26

No, I thought it was the right decision, Shenyue’s decoration was terrible, it didn’t work at all. It’s a shame for her, as until this week she had been good. Second worst for me was Alon.

merlotgran Sun 14-Feb-21 22:23:30

Sal is amazing.

BlueBelle Sun 14-Feb-21 22:27:28

Yes definitely I thought Henry should go
Surely the ‘going’ is judged on a combination of their skills over the weeks whereas potter of the week is judged simply on that weeks work.
I loved Alan gecko s
Yes totally wrong decision

Nana3 Sun 14-Feb-21 22:47:57

I was sure it was going to be Henry, I think he was too. Disappointing and strange that they all had damaged pots, I'm thinking it was because they were not biscuit fired before glazing.

StatenIsland Mon 15-Feb-21 00:22:01

Henry had a bad couple of days but Shenyue's set was badly made and decorated. She was very careless about the use of the drying room. That may have contributed to the final decision.

tidyskatemum Mon 15-Feb-21 11:04:54

I did wonder if Shenyue wanted to go as her previous work had been so meticulous but she was still better than Henry, who just seemed as if he couldn’t be bothered.

Grandmabatty Mon 15-Feb-21 11:54:18

I think the editing encouraged us to think that Henry would go. It was interesting that when it was announced, Sal audibly gasped. Shenyue didn't seem to put much thought into her decoration but Henry seemed to have lost all creativity at the tile making.

Sarnia Mon 15-Feb-21 11:59:48

I think the potters are judged by what they produce for that particular week rather than an overall picture from the beginning of the competition. Henry has been near the exit door since the start. I think he was spared because the decoration on his pots was better executed than Shenyue who just daubed untidy swirls on hers. I would bet on Henry to go next week.

Sarnia Mon 22-Feb-21 11:39:14

I thought Henry might have escaped having to leave last night when he was 1st in the strawberry planter technical challenge. However, his water feature was a disaster and he deserved to go. Who's next? I think it may be Peter.

Casdon Mon 22-Feb-21 11:53:14

Peter’s water feature was really clever I thought, pity the bowl cracked. I was sorry to see Henry go, as he’s quite original in what he does, I think he just doesn’t have the experience of most of the others. I’m thinking maybe Hannah to go next week - or Peter as you say.

Grandmabatty Mon 22-Feb-21 13:17:13

I'm actually sorry when any of them go as they all seem so nice! I thought Sal's shell was beautiful and Jodie's howling wolf was stunning. It's such an interesting programme.

Nana3 Wed 24-Feb-21 01:18:53

They're all talented in different pottery skills and like Grandmabatty I'm sorry when one has to leave.
Looking forward to next week.

LauraNorder Wed 24-Feb-21 01:39:56

I do love the programme. I thought when they did the tiles that it would be an interesting thread to choose six symbols or pictures to describe yourself.
In fact I think I’ll start that now.

grannyactivist Wed 24-Feb-21 01:44:53

I'm very fond of this programme in spite of not having an artistic bone in my body; as a teenager our son worked alongside a wonderful potter for a few years [part of his homeschooling syllabus] and during that time he produced some wonderful pieces. I do feel for the ones whose time on the show has come to an end, as the potters all seem to have really bonded.

Atqui Wed 24-Feb-21 17:24:06

Love the programme , but the presenter this series is rather irritating.

muse Wed 24-Feb-21 19:44:52

Love the programme. I'm following Keith on Facebook with his demonstrations each week. He replies to all those who leave a comment,

My daughter fills me in on the technical side of ceramics. It was her degree.

Glad they didn't make toilets again this year. Agree Sarnia
Think it may be Peter next week.