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Resident Alien (Sky 1)

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GrandmasueUK Wed 03-Mar-21 00:19:04

Even though I read good reviews of this I didn't think it was my sort of thing. An alien crash lands on earth, assumes human form and becomes a doctor in a small town in Colorado. I've actually laughed out loud at some of it so far. It's such a strange mixture of crime story, alien misunderstandings and fantasy. I'd live to hear what others think about it.

GrandmasueUK Wed 03-Mar-21 00:20:07

*love not live!

Humbertbear Wed 03-Mar-21 07:52:20

We love this show. It’s quite anarchic. Reminds us of Third Rock from the Sun. We love the little boy who can actually see the alien and the voice overs where the alien describes his feelings. How will he dispose of the body in the freezer?

GrandmasueUK Wed 03-Mar-21 09:32:05

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who enjoys it. Tbe whisky drinking was so funny!

Cheesey Wed 03-Mar-21 09:53:45

I love this too. It's totally daft but different with some real laugh out loud moments. Just what we need right now.
I also love the interaction with the little boy, and now his friend. So funny. The kids are great.
My husband however thinks it's ridiculous and sits through it without even a smile. I am going to watch it on my own in future. 😄

GrandmasueUK Wed 03-Mar-21 12:05:57

I watched it on my own as well. I think the children are terrific. The scenery is stunning too. It feels good to get out into open spaces again 😃