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Calendargirl Mon 05-Apr-21 22:02:33

Anyone else just watched this on Channel 5? Another drama over four successive nights.

I have a sneaking feeling it will end up like that recent Jill Halfpenny one, or the one a while ago set in Ireland, about a dead author wife and the widower’s new girlfriend.

So memorable I cannot recall the titles!

BigBertha1 Mon 05-Apr-21 22:12:09

I have just seen it dont know what to think. Not really engaged with it. Sorry for the bereaved father...why would his son do that not a straightforward robbery I should think.

BlueBelle Mon 05-Apr-21 22:15:41

I thought it was ok for a first episode looking forward to see what happens tomorrow looks as if there could’ve some twists and turns Didn't like any of the three main characters ...that’s a good start 😂

Charleygirl5 Mon 05-Apr-21 22:23:24

For me it was very slow but I sat through it until the bitter end. I doubt if I will bother watching another episode.

LauraNorder Mon 05-Apr-21 22:26:12

Wasn’t really gripped but have put the rest on to record and will see how it goes.

grandmajet Mon 05-Apr-21 22:29:11

I’m not sure either. I’ll give it another go.
Why didn’t the intruder wear gloves? Why did the bloke stab him? It was all a bit odd.

maddyone Mon 05-Apr-21 22:31:35

Mmmmm, I was going to watch but didn’t get round to it. Maybe it’s not worth bothering judging by the comments on here.

granfromafar Mon 05-Apr-21 22:33:22

Just watched this and thought it strange that the husband was at work doing his radio talk show so soon. Surely he would have taken time off after such a traumatic event. Will probably stick will it though as I like Sally Lindsay.

3nanny6 Mon 05-Apr-21 23:10:56

It must have been interesting for me so good I nodded off in the chair and woke up just at the end, oh well I 've missed that

BlueBelle Mon 05-Apr-21 23:18:11

It was ok maddy it may also get better, it wasn’t awful

Delila Tue 06-Apr-21 12:04:19

Why did neither the couple nor their friend/guest wear gloves? There were several lingering close-ups of them handling the knife and clearing up. There must have been loads of forensic evidence, but none was found.

eazybee Tue 06-Apr-21 14:25:32

I am waiting for the victim to be left/right handed, a cunning clue.
Another extraordinary house, shades of 'Finding Alice' and another one where all the activity took place in enormous empty rooms without curtains. No idea what it was about, or the title. Just remember the house.

Bellanonna Tue 06-Apr-21 14:32:38

I switched to yet another repeat of The Chase after the first slow-moving half hour as this certainly didn’t grab my interest. On the whole, disappointing, although admittedly I didn’t give it very long.

Oldbat1 Tue 06-Apr-21 14:40:36

Disappointing. Gave up and went to listen to the episode 3 bbc sounds podcast of Line of Duty.

Calendargirl Wed 07-Apr-21 07:27:55

Anyone still watching?

I watched half an hour of episode two, then went to bed.

Is it worth trying to see how it pans out? Such unlikeable people!

Kandinsky Wed 07-Apr-21 07:58:22

I gave up after episode one.
If it was any good BBC or ITV would have snapped it up, but I gave it a try.
I’ve been more gripped by episodes of Scooby doo.

Gingster Wed 07-Apr-21 08:07:03

I was looking forward to this drama but very underwhelmed by it. Like you Bluebell don’t like any of the main characters and I think the main chap and his mistress are terrible actors. It he shouts the name ‘Angela ‘ once more I will scream 😬

BlueBelle Wed 07-Apr-21 09:05:11

It is poorly done, I guess I ll keep watching, but it’s hardly drama of the year is it unrealistic unbelievable and as others have said poorly acted

Rosiebee Wed 07-Apr-21 09:45:10

After watching lots of other crime dramas, I couldn't believe that they didn't work out that he hadn't been killed where he lay. I do like the idea of it being on each day though. Gives me just enough time to chunner between each episode "Was he known to the killer?" etc etc🙄

lemsip Wed 07-Apr-21 10:14:21

watched it for a while but once I saw Sally Lindsay was in it turned over......I can't get into anything with ex corrie stars playing detectives. Outcomes so predictable.

henetha Wed 07-Apr-21 11:32:29

I quite like it, - only quite though. I find the lead actor a bit annoying, but the rest are ok-ish. I'll stick with it though, probably. I like things on consecutive evenings. It's something to look forward to.

Newatthis Wed 07-Apr-21 11:37:30

Yes I thought about forensics as well. The police just took their word for it, they didn't even question why the victim was lying on his back and not is front. I'll give it another go though. I didn't particularly like the characters either and I think it might be a little predictable.

LauraNorder Wed 07-Apr-21 12:30:35

More holes than a tetley’s teabag. After they disposed of the rug with all that blood did nobody notice the lack of blood? Apart from a broken lamp there was no sign of a struggle. Why didn’t the police ask why the girlfriend knifed the burglar instead of pulling him off, she’s quite a big girl and he was a puny kid. Why did the police take the word of the householders. Why has the body been released when forensics are incomplete, there would be obvious signs that the body had been moved.
The girlfriend’s behaviour was quite normal considering her long time affair with her friend and colleagues husband. Then in episode two she suddenly became a bunny boiler.
So much is not believable which makes for difficult viewing.
I am, though, intrigued that there is more too it than meets the eye with the mystery of the other burglar and the missing laptop and so will persevere.

fevertree Wed 07-Apr-21 12:47:41

I find it interesting that no one so far has mentioned the fact that most of the middle class dinner party bunch were coked up by the end of the evening. Is this standard behaviour nowadays amongst the younger middle class set and not even worth a mention?

I'm sorry for the boy who was stabbed to death, and for his dad. Not sorry for any of the other characters, including his mate who didn't seem to have one iota of sympathy for the fact that his friend was killed!

Who writes this rubbish?! None of the principal characters seemed real to me (I only watched Episode 1).

Calendargirl Wed 07-Apr-21 12:51:21

Someone with the surname ‘Dynevor’ is the producer I think.

Another ‘Dynevor’ was a co-writer for ‘The Drowning’, another silly four-nighter.

Probably related.