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All That Glitters

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Sarnia Thu 15-Apr-21 08:27:03

Some GN's enjoy the art/craft competition programmes. There is a new one on now. 'All That Glitters' features amateur jewellers who this week had to make 3 bangles from silver and a bespoke pendant for a lady receiving her MBE from the Queen. Similar format to the established programmes with a jeweller of the week and someone going home. The only down side for me was the presenter. She is American, which she can't help, but was a bit OTT.

kittylester Thu 15-Apr-21 08:33:17

I think Katherine Ryan is Canadian. I really like her - well apart from the self penned sit com thing she did.

I have recorded the jewellery programme.

Beechnut Thu 15-Apr-21 08:33:55

I missed that. I’ll have a look on catch up later as I’ve done some silver smithing.

Sarnia Thu 15-Apr-21 12:31:26


I think Katherine Ryan is Canadian. I really like her - well apart from the self penned sit com thing she did.

I have recorded the jewellery programme.

Oh dear. There is me assuming she is American. We had a lovely Canadian consultant on the delivery suite I worked on who was not impressed when taken for an American.

Casdon Thu 15-Apr-21 12:37:47

I watched, and I liked Katherine Ryan, I thought she was genuinely interested in the work. I was actually less keen on the lady judge, I thought she came over as a bit patronising, and didn’t seem to have a sense of humour, hopefully she will warm up over the weeks.

Alegrias1 Thu 15-Apr-21 12:42:52

I looked up the lady judge, some of her jewellery is amazing. Need a second mortgage to buy it though! I'm looking forward to seeing how they make things, I know nothing about jewellery making.

Auntieflo Thu 15-Apr-21 15:26:19

I haven't watched this, so perhaps I shouldn't be posting, and giving an opinion.
I saw that it was to be presented by Katherine Ryan, and I really dislike her, from the one time I saw her being interviewed.

It was that instant feeling that you get when you either like/dislike a person.

grandMattie Thu 15-Apr-21 15:32:49

I enjoyed the programme hugely. Yes, the lady judge was patronising and she seemed removed, not really examining the craftsmanship like the chap did.
What is a shames is the times given. Ok, to make a cake you need 2 hours or whatever, but they seemed to give such a short time for acceptable work. I’m sure if they gave an extra hour or more especially for the bespoke item, the contestants may have produced much better items.

BBbevan Thu 15-Apr-21 18:59:33

Pedantic, but All that Glisters is correct .

EllanVannin Thu 15-Apr-21 19:10:04

I'm the odd one out here because I prefer antique jewellery, far better value and much cheaper.

merlotgran Thu 15-Apr-21 19:21:48

I thought it was dull and boring. The judges had no charisma and looked as though they'd rather not be there.

I like Katherine Ryan but thought she was trying too hard.

It's not a patch on Bake Off or Sewing Bee.

DanniRae Fri 16-Apr-21 08:14:13

I didn't like it and gave up when it got to the second task. I did like the beautiful bangles that they made in the first task and the examples of the contestants previous work BUT I found the processes that they had to go through to make the jewellery so boring to watch (all that sawing of the silver....yawn!) I also did not like Katherine Ryan. I thought she was really not that interested in the contestants or the jewellery and I found one of her comments during the programme really crude.

jusnoneed Fri 16-Apr-21 08:22:59

Found it a bit boring.
Never heard of Katherine Ryan before and wouldn't be in a hurry to see/hear her again, she got on my nerves with her stupid chatter.

lemsip Fri 16-Apr-21 19:51:22

Katherine Ryan is a Canadian comedian, writer, presenter and actress based in the United Kingdom.

really like Katherine as a comedian but haven't watched Glitter yet.

Deedaa Tue 20-Apr-21 18:37:25

I had recorded it but hadn't got round to watching as I read several poor reviews. However I gave it a go and really enjoyed it. I suppose a lot of it is slow and boring if you haven't got a background in design and the judges have no personality at all but are obviously very good designers. Probably not mass entertainment but fascinating if you are interested.