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New series of Fargo tonight, Channel 4

2 Oopsadaisy1

Favourite TV show from Yesteryear.

44 tiredoldwoman

Your best ever TV ad? 'Levis in the laundrette' for me!

126 Magrithea

Alice and her drink problem The Archers

75 Iam64

Have you seen Seaspiracy Netflix

1 Shinamae

channel5 Katherine, Duchess of Kents life.

5 Calendargirl


1 Scullion52

Festival of Britain

3 Welshwife

Music around the house all the time or silence?

114 Lin52

Ian Wright

17 Kate1949

Archers fans

6 Galaxy

New Sewing Bee Series to start this week ...

104 Amberone

You’re Dead to Me: BBC Sounds

4 Alima

Line of Duty - Series 6

617 Callistemon

BBC iPlayer film

4 keepingquiet

Our Yorkshire Farm - Back on Tuesday, 9 o'clock Channel 5

47 Kate1949

What to watch

3 Jane43

Yorkshire Farm

3 Sar53

Saved By A Stranger

4 Ro60

Line of Duty disappointment at ending

22 muse

Recommend some good films please (or tv series)

47 lemongrove


10 MayBee70

Soap operas

5 Hellogirl1

'Viewpoint' on ITV and Noel Clarke

192 3nanny6

Keeping Faith BBC1 9 pm tonight

81 Puzzler61

Shtisel: I would thoroughly recommend this TV series!

6 Jane43

Too Close.

42 Parsley3

Line of Duty. Why did Kate run?

7 tanith

Help please!

7 FannyCornforth

new Money for Nothing starts today at 3.45pm on BBC One!

6 Lollin

Call The Midwife

76 LullyDully

The Oscars

7 MayBee70

Sci films

4 Hithere

Undercover OAP hired to investigate abuse in a care home

3 Namsnanny

What movie scenes make you cry

93 Dee1012

How to save a grand in 24 hours

2 Charleygirl5

jeremy vine

2 Doodledog

A 5-minute play on BBC Sounds App

4 FarNorth

Sky one - Resident Alien

1 Oopsadaisy1

Grans and Gramps, I need your help! School report to be read by the BFI...

1 lanacoisetinne


9 Aveline


7 Mary59nana

BBC 4 television not commissioning any more programmes

12 MayBee70

Too Close

5 Eloethan

The Terror

170 MayBee70

George Floyd the verdict....

106 Whitewavemark2

Radio 3 is my choice for today

4 Blossoming

The Syndicate

47 sodapop

Brotherhood the inside life of monks

7 kittylester

All That Glitters

15 Deedaa