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Your best ever TV ad? 'Levis in the laundrette' for me!

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ixion Wed 05-May-21 17:15:48

I see that model Nik Kamen has sadly died.
For me the 1985 Levi's ad, set in the laundrette, to the music of 'Heard It Through the Grapevine' was up there with the finest.
Any other contributions?

Ilovecheese Wed 05-May-21 17:20:18

Oh yes, me too that lovely boy, and that lovely song.

Juno56 Wed 05-May-21 17:32:40

I love the Renault Mégane "I See You Baby (Shaking That Ass") ad from a few years ago. I believe there were quite a lot of complaints at the time though 🤭🍑.

Lucca Wed 05-May-21 17:35:35

Those coffee ones with Trevor eve’s wife in

shandi6570 Wed 05-May-21 17:35:43

The 'Real Fire' advert from the 1980s with the dog, cat and mouse and the music Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. Go mushy every time I see it,

Lucca Wed 05-May-21 17:35:50

The Guiness waves one

Juliet27 Wed 05-May-21 17:40:48

The Hahn lager one with the guy jumping into the bath

Anniebach Wed 05-May-21 17:50:22

Nescafé Gold Blend , with Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan

ixion Wed 05-May-21 17:50:59

The 'Diet Coke' window cleaners outside the office block.

Calendargirl Wed 05-May-21 18:44:16

The John Lewis one with the woman going through different stages in her life, to the Billy Joel song ‘Always A Woman To Me’.

Cherrytree59 Wed 05-May-21 19:11:15

A few years ago we decided to tranfer some videos of our children from when they were young on to DVD.

The old videos were in a box with old tapes of various TV programmes.

We scooted through the programmes, which in itself was as blast from the past, as were the old adverts.

The one that stuck out for me was The Castella Cigar commercial with Russ Abbott.

My DH in those days was more of a Hamlet man.
'Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet'
Not had a puff for nearly 20 years

Gannygangan Wed 05-May-21 19:15:30

Oh, Nick Kamen was so beautiful. terribly sad to hear he's died so young. It was a great advert.

I must own up to rather like the Carling Black Label take on it

Gannygangan Wed 05-May-21 19:20:39

And the Honda advert with that wonderful song, The Impossible Dream.

I'm also liking the new advert for Extra chewing gum. It also features Celine singing a Jim Steinman song.

varian Wed 05-May-21 19:20:51

Leonard Rossiter spilling his drink on Joan Collins on a plane was a memorable ad - was it Cinzano ?

Gannygangan Wed 05-May-21 19:23:13

Ah yes, those Cinzano adverts were excellent, varian!

Urmstongran Wed 05-May-21 19:26:44

That Diet Coke ad!

The first-ever advert aired in 1994, starring topless construction worker Lucky, who had a group of office women rushing to the windows at 11.30am every day when he stopped work to drink a can of the famous drink.

May7 Wed 05-May-21 19:27:49

One of my favourite adverts was the 2002 World cup Nike advert
Featuring Elvis Presley's A little less conversation Not that I'm remotely interested in football but my children loved it and Eric Cantana was so funny. I've just rewatched it on Utube and it brought back such happy memories

May7 Wed 05-May-21 19:35:07

Nell8 Wed 05-May-21 19:46:27

Carte D'Or 2001 " He's not your Dad" That excruciating Sunday lunch. I'm starting to identify with the Gran these days.

Juliet27 Wed 05-May-21 19:50:42

I’d never seen that Levi’s ad before. I’ve just watched it several times now on YouTube !!

Millie22 Wed 05-May-21 19:51:54

Well it has to be the flake ad 🤣

Urmstongran Wed 05-May-21 19:54:41

I’d never seen that Levi’s ad before. I’ve just watched it several times now on YouTube !!

You must be a young ‘un Juliet27!
What did you think of it?

I thought it was amazing especially of it’s time.

Juliet27 Wed 05-May-21 19:55:10

And this Hahn beer ad too

NotAGran55 Wed 05-May-21 19:59:13

I can’t decide between the Diet Coke one or Levi one 🤷🏼‍♀️....
guess I will just need to keep checkingsmile

Nightsky2 Wed 05-May-21 20:00:52

Wonderbra’s “Hello Boys” with Eva Herzigava.