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New series of Fargo tonight, Channel 4

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Jane43 Sun 09-May-21 16:43:44

For any fans of Fargo a new series starring Chris Rock begins on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 09-May-21 16:44:51

Thanks, have set it to record

Rosiebee Mon 10-May-21 08:49:04

Have heard the name Fargo but know nothing about it. Is it worth starting from the beginning?

Pittcity Mon 10-May-21 08:54:28

Rosiebee I suggest you watch the film with Frances McDormand to start with.
The series is different stories in the same vein.

Jane43 Mon 10-May-21 09:48:11

Yes I agree if you watch the film you will get that it is black humour and typical of Coen Brothers films. The four made for tv series are all separate stories in the same black humour style which isn’t for everybody.

Witzend Thu 13-May-21 10:39:09

The original film is brilliant.
I particularly remember it because we went to a late showing at a cinema some distance away - I didn’t really want to go and was convinced I’d fall asleep, or at least be yawning and dying for it to finish so we could go home and I could go to bed.

Instead I was gripped from the beginning.

Grandmabatty Thu 13-May-21 11:23:06

The film, Fargo, is one of my absolute favourite films. It's quirky and has much dark humour to it, plus fantastic acting. I really enjoyed the series too with different stories and characters. I haven't seen the latest yet

Jane43 Thu 13-May-21 18:47:10

I’ve watched two episodes so far and this series is very different as it is about gang warfare in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m not sure that it will be as good as the first series with Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton or the third series in which Ewan McGregor plays brothers but it’s early days yet and it does star the wonderful Jessie Buckley as a nurse from Minnesota. All episodes are now on All4.