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bbc1 9pm In pursuit of love.

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lemsip Sun 09-May-21 21:06:37

TV tonight: Lily James and Dominic West star in The Pursuit of Love .......... Emily Mortimer's adaptation of Nancy Mitford's tale of love and passion between the wars begins.

Aveline Sun 09-May-21 21:32:55

This is awful! I love the books and earlier TV series was so much better. angry

Callistemon Sun 09-May-21 21:35:38

It's on but I cannot summon up a jot of interest or enthusiasm for it so far.

Oh dear, we needed something to fill the Line of Duty slot but this is not it.

nadateturbe Sun 09-May-21 21:41:07

Husband has gone to watch on another television. I'm not wasting any more time...back to Shtisel!

Ellianne Sun 09-May-21 21:44:10

I'm giving up too! Totally unrealistic.

Callistemon Sun 09-May-21 21:44:31

I might go to bed and read my book.
It's dire.

Grandmadinosaur Sun 09-May-21 21:50:25

Truly awful. Really disappointed in this. Whoever chose the music wants shooting. It just doesn’t match the period whatsoever.

EllanVannin Sun 09-May-21 21:52:46

I'm watching Jane McDonald and her cruising.

MayBee70 Sun 09-May-21 21:54:36

My dogs mum and sister were Lord Merlins black whippets. It does seem a bit manic though.

Jaxjacky Sun 09-May-21 21:56:00

Had already decided not to watch it, so golf on for Mr J after he ‘endured’ Call the Midwife 🙂

Kim19 Sun 09-May-21 21:56:32

EV ditto. I did give Pursuit half an hour. Jane's the better option methinks.

suziewoozie Sun 09-May-21 22:02:32

15 minutes here - what on earth?

Alegrias1 Sun 09-May-21 22:04:52

Oh. I enjoyed it 😯

Calendargirl Sun 09-May-21 22:05:53

Nodded off in the last 15 minutes, might catch up on I player, but pretty stupid.

eazybee Sun 09-May-21 22:06:59

I loved it!
Didn't think I would, but found it hilarious.
In the spirit of the book.

Namsnanny Sun 09-May-21 22:07:43

Shame, it's totally missed the mark!

I really dont like Lily watsit as Linda

TerriBull Sun 09-May-21 22:09:43

I quite liked it too and the soundtrack.........also Andrew Scott's in it smile

GrandmaKT Sun 09-May-21 22:10:02

I enjoyed it! I love when they put modern music on a period drama. To me, it makes it more relatable.

Namsnanny Sun 09-May-21 22:10:17

I expected it to be fun eazybee but no sorry it missed all the marks for me.
I was looking forward to it as well.

BlueBelle Sun 09-May-21 22:12:27

Dreadful programme it was awful I watched it all with a sinking heart texted my daughter to say I was finding it awful and she texted back ‘I only lasted 5 minutes’
A load of old squit

Shandy57 Sun 09-May-21 22:15:54

I was looking forward to but didn't enjoy it .... but I didn't enjoy the first programme of Bridgerton, either, and did when I got into it. I'm going to give it a binge watch on BBCIplayer tomorrow.

boho43 Sun 09-May-21 22:18:25

What a complete load of rubbish. Bitterly disappointed.

lemsip Sun 09-May-21 22:19:22

oh dear, what rubbish. Had read the book and expected better. 15 minutes was enough.

Aveline Sun 09-May-21 22:22:29

The music ruined it. The dancing was all wrong too. The books are so good that it almost hurts to see what a mess the trendy production team have made of this one.

Casdon Sun 09-May-21 22:23:50

I really liked it, it was as breathless and giddy as the book.