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(Prince) George’s World

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MawBe Fri 30-Jul-21 09:45:12

A new animated series about the Royal family portrays Prince George as a scathing commentator on palace life. The Prince, which will air on the US streaming service HBO Max, has a cast that includes Orlando Bloom as the Duke of Sussex and Frances de la Tour as the Queen. It is based on an Instagram run by Gary Janetti, a writer for Family Guy and Will & Grace

Hmm- not at all sure about this.
I suspect Frances de la Tour (whom I have always admired up to now) will be waving goodbye to any OBE/CBE/Damehoods in future Honours lists.
It does seem to be crass to make a cartoon series about living people and (maybe I am being a wee bit patriotic here) about our Royal Family who for the most part are held in high respect both at hone and abroad ( OK maybe not ALL of them!) .

MawBe Fri 30-Jul-21 09:46:20

A foretaste ?

Galaxy Fri 30-Jul-21 09:47:32

It's perfectly fine. Any one is open to satire which seems to be what this is. No reason the royal family should be exempt. They were key parts of spitting image years ago anyway.

Alegrias1 Fri 30-Jul-21 09:48:27

They're a bit late to the party.

Blossoming Fri 30-Jul-21 09:54:12

The Cambridges have already appeared in South Park a couple of times.

trisher Fri 30-Jul-21 09:55:04

Sounds like fun!

Aveline Fri 30-Jul-21 09:55:44

Somehow this seems worse to me as the children are so young. Not good taste.

Lincslass Fri 30-Jul-21 09:57:04

Never watch any of this sort of tripe, funny do the US have shows that Satire their presentˋroyal´ family, or any others that went before them.

MawBe Fri 30-Jul-21 09:58:05

Spitting Image was brilliant - merciless but spot on.
The difference for me is that it was home-grown.
A bit like “I can criticise my own family, but don’t anybody else dare have a go.”
Not too sure about US humour if Family Guy is anything to go by although The Simpsons is very perceptive and again being about American society knows that it is talking about.

Galaxy Fri 30-Jul-21 10:02:26

We mock Trump mercilessly.

Rosie51 Fri 30-Jul-21 10:02:47

Parody adults in the public eye all you like, but children are a no-go area for anyone with any decency.

Namsnanny Fri 30-Jul-21 10:09:16

I feel a bit queasy at the thought of a child being involved too Rosie51.
Especially as there has been so much acrimony of late.

Anniebach Fri 30-Jul-21 10:10:42

Mocking a 8 year old sounds fun !

Ellianne Fri 30-Jul-21 10:11:30

Exactly Rosie and Aveline, children are a no-go area. Especially as the younger royals are all trying their best to protect their offspring and keep them out of the limelight.
Looks rubbish anyway, I don't like cartoons, other than Disney.

Ellianne Fri 30-Jul-21 10:12:06

Lots of crossed posts thinking the same!

Ellianne Fri 30-Jul-21 10:12:54


We mock Trump mercilessly.

Rightly so, he puts himself out there on purpose. He us an adult.

Ellianne Fri 30-Jul-21 10:16:53

Is the title actually called Prince George's World * MawBe*? I mean as if seen through his eyes?
Anyone who works with 8 year olds or has an 8 year old GS knows that all they think about is when they can next play football, eat cake or build with Lego. They couldn't care a stuff about family traits or imperfections.

MawBe Fri 30-Jul-21 10:20:48

“George’s World” - portrays Prince George as a scathing commentator on palace life tcrhmmtcrhmm

Ellianne Fri 30-Jul-21 10:35:21


“George’s World” - portrays Prince George as a scathing commentator on palace life tcrhmmtcrhmm

Blimey I need to get my GS into that school of his!

MawBe Fri 30-Jul-21 10:42:38

I suspect it will be riddled with Royal-mocking clichés, inaccuracies and stereotypes all founded on a total lack of understanding of the true picture.
Maybe Meghan has written it?

Galaxy Fri 30-Jul-21 10:45:58

To be fair if they portrayed it exactly as it is happening, it would be fairly dramatic.

Jabberwok Fri 30-Jul-21 10:48:17

For me all Satire is both cruel and extremely unfunny whoever the victim is, but an 8 year old child who has done absolutely nothing to deserve it and is being mocked because of who he is, something none of us can help, is beyond anybody's bounds of decency. Perhaps some satire for Joe Biden might be pretty hilarious bearing in mind he is a little absent minded? I wonder if this portrayal would be considered appropriate if this was a Muslim child? Just wondering, and only asking?

MissAdventure Fri 30-Jul-21 10:50:28

And yet there are endless threads full of vitriole about Meghan, who has children.
I can't see much difference, myself.

Ellianne Fri 30-Jul-21 10:55:02


And yet there are endless threads full of vitriole about Meghan, who has children.
I can't see much difference, myself.

On the contrary, Archie is not usually attacked on GN and the only time an unpleasant comment was made about him I went to great efforts to get it deleted.
Meghan is an adult who puts herself out there.
I admire her for protecting her children's privacy.

MissAdventure Fri 30-Jul-21 10:57:32

I wouldn't like to read things that are said about Meghan in reference to my mother (or daughter) regardless of her failings, perceived or otherwise.