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sodapop Fri 20-Aug-21 12:40:56

Did anyone else see the scene between Brian & Abi on Weds night. It was so well done, brought a tear to my eye.

nadateturbe Fri 20-Aug-21 15:48:30

I agree. The acting was superb. I too had tears in my eyes.

Sarnia Fri 20-Aug-21 15:52:01

I watched this and found it very moving. I am a Corrie fan. It has its ups and downs with storylines sometimes but at the moment it is going through a good patch. What will Hope's verdict be, I wonder?

nanaK54 Fri 20-Aug-21 16:06:59

I agree, I found it incredibly moving, the actress who plays Abi is superb in my humble

Ilovecheese Fri 20-Aug-21 16:31:10

Yes, both Abi and Brian were very good.

Who is team Alina and who is team Fiz?

I am team Alina

Aveline Fri 20-Aug-21 16:51:29

Team Fiz all the way!!

BlueBelle Fri 20-Aug-21 16:54:32

This is the third Corrie thread going now 😂😂😂

Ilovecheese Fri 20-Aug-21 16:56:02

I am team Alina because she does seem to actually like Tyrone, Fiz just seemed to make fun of him. (p.s. I do know it's not real, it's just fun to talk about while there is so much horror going on around us)

BlueBelle Fri 20-Aug-21 16:56:58

Abi s done very well snotty nose and all, good acting I was crying with her and Brian’s come into his own
Not sure about the Fiz/Alina competition they ve both got good and bad sides I ll stay neutral Hope is a good little actress

Aveline Fri 20-Aug-21 16:59:13

Very superficial take on Fiz. She's much more deeply in love and involved with him than even she realises. Do you not remember the early days of their relationship when he was being so abused by his horrible then partner?
Alina's been around. What happened to her relationship with Sebastian who rescued her?
Nope. Sooner she leaves the better. Little home wrecker! grin

Aveline Fri 20-Aug-21 17:00:27

Brian's always been good. I was so glad when he came back. What happened to Eileen's daft sister that he was originally with?
Too involved? Moi?!

Ilovecheese Fri 20-Aug-21 17:05:17

Aveline that reminded me of the court scene when people thought that Tyrone was the abuser. Deidre was so funny.

sodapop Fri 20-Aug-21 20:26:44

I find Alina quite strange at times. Definitely team Fiz here.

Mary59nana Sat 21-Aug-21 08:08:27

Alina is very strange her child like squeaky voice is quiet annoying

Calendargirl Sat 21-Aug-21 08:24:49

Alina would be better with Daniel. More his age, would make a nice step mum for Bertie, and they could go on to have their own family.

Far better for him than sneaky, two timing, gold digging Daisy.

And Tyrone could go back to Fiz and Nanna.

BlueBelle Sat 21-Aug-21 08:33:56

Oh I don’t like Daisy, shes pretty though isn’t she, Daniel is much too nice for her
I don’t think Alina is nasty just fell for the wrong person and Tyrone got caught off guard I think he ll end up back with solid dependable Fiz and Nanna

Galaxy Sat 21-Aug-21 09:30:56

Chesney and Gemma has 5 or is it 6 babies and a son, and yet also looks after Fizz and Tyrones children. That just doesnt happen.

HolySox Sat 21-Aug-21 11:02:16

Great scene, The Street at its best.

Then we get Sarah and Adam on a day off taking Daniel's Berty for the day .... as Harry was in a holiday club. Forgot Sarah had Harry!

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 21-Aug-21 11:03:39

I find ‘ Daisy’ a bit creepy to be honest. She reminds me of a clown for some reason. Alina is annoying, but so is Fizz at times. Abi and Brian’s scene was excellent, very emotional. Love Sally...always good, as are Steve, Tim, Tracy. Even Aggie is growing on me. Love Ronnie, but James and Michael are so wooden in their acting. I always keep watching though. Can never imagine not watching it. I just love the way all the kids are just not a presence at all, the complete opposite of real life!

JaneJudge Sat 21-Aug-21 11:09:24

When I saw the title, I was hoping I could post about what was written in the original post grin it was good wasn't it? I think there is such a human element to Abbie being somewhat damaged but taken under an older man's wing.

I said to my husband, gosh Alina is so immature, to be reminded it was 'just a television program' grin

Lesley60 Sat 21-Aug-21 11:13:15

I agree it was great acting by Abby I admit I shed a tear
I wish they had kept Fizz in prison as I can’t stand her whining voice

Calendargirl Sat 21-Aug-21 11:18:19

As always, I wonder where they all fit in to these little terraced houses. Take the Baileys. The dreaded Nurse Aggie, lumbering Ed, rather gormless Michael, footballer James, James’ boyfriend (can’t remember his name), Michael’s on/off girlfriend, (her name also escapes me) and baby Glory. The bedrooms must be a bit cramped.
To say nothing of the living space. No wonder they all argue - no escape from each other.

nadateturbe Tue 24-Aug-21 17:32:25

Definitely team Fiz. Alina should have stayed away from a married man. I don't like her at all. Silly and immature. Don't want the lovely Daniel to take up with Daisy - another silly person. I want to lose 50 years and have him myself!
As for the little houses, I often wonder what a certain family think when they see folk living in such cramped conditions, but enough said!

pensionpat Tue 24-Aug-21 19:02:17

My husband has spotted that the Baileys have a door in their house that leads into Ken’s house. Can anyone confirm?

Aveline Tue 24-Aug-21 19:07:39

I've often wondered about that too. I remember they accidentally burst through the wall when they first moved in. Maybe it's a very shallow cupboard?