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Allsorts Wed 22-Sep-21 20:55:26

Freda and the implants for Aled. Now she has kidnapped the little chap to stop the operation. She comes over as the most impossibly selfish woman and I have no sympathy for her. One storyline that has disappointed.

lavenderzen Wed 22-Sep-21 21:11:36

I couldn't agree more. If this is going to go on for weeks I will not be watching.

Damdee Wed 22-Sep-21 21:14:30

I agree too - I found all that bit while she had Aled in the community centre very tiresome.

NotTooOld Wed 22-Sep-21 21:34:50

Yes, I also agree - tiresome is the right word. Have to admire the actors who have apparently learned sign language, though. Who was looking after the other three babies while all this was going on?

I am very surprised that Coronation Street has not (yet) been used as a vehicle to exhort people to get the Covid vaccine. I would actually be in favour of them doing that!

Kandinsky Wed 22-Sep-21 21:35:16

Absolutely ridiculous storyline.

Doodledog Wed 22-Sep-21 21:39:48

I agree. Aled's treatment is nothing to do with Freda. I know she is grieving Norris (!) but even so - there is no excuse for taking a baby. He seems very placid in the circumstances though. (I am watching on +1).

And yes - who is looking after the rest of the babies, and little Joseph? He can only be 6 or 7, but we haven't seen him for ages - it's reminiscent of when Tracy spent five years in her bedroom listening to tapes 😂

BlueBelle Wed 22-Sep-21 21:43:16

Awful tonight they need to get past this storyline or I ll be missing Corrie for a bit

Calendargirl Wed 22-Sep-21 22:07:41

Think Mary was looking after the others.

Charleygirl5 Wed 22-Sep-21 22:23:38

Pleased to hear I am not alone! It was dire!

FindingNemo15 Wed 22-Sep-21 23:17:39

I said to DH if this story line continues I will not be watching. Talk about overkill.

Kate1949 Wed 22-Sep-21 23:26:28

I kept shouting at the TV to Freda 'What's it got to do with you?'. Yes I need to get out more!

Lilypops Wed 22-Sep-21 23:28:26

I didn’t like to make any comment on tonight’s episode with Freda for fear of offending deaf people. But it was just ridiculous and very tiring watching all that signing going on between Freda and the others. It was almost as bad as Dev pretending to be drunk last week , and that was bad as bad gets . Does anyone think Aled is sedated. He’s very good to sit quietly for that long just sucking his dummy. Bless him !

Grannynannywanny Wed 22-Sep-21 23:49:35

I feel Aled’s cochlear implant story and the funeral arrangements for Norris have been literally done to death.

BlueBelle Thu 23-Sep-21 03:30:45

No I don’t for a minute think Aled is sedated they are filmed bit by bit and not even in order sometimes so he probably wasn’t even there for most of that scene but I m totally fed up with Freda and the whole storyline, it was good to bring it in but done to death and got completely farcical
I would think their viewing figures will go down if they don’t move on soon

Calendargirl Thu 23-Sep-21 06:52:59

I just don’t like Freda’s character. She looks a mardy so and so all the time, and what Alex’s implants have to do with her I just don’t know. If the idea behind the story line is to make us all more aware of hearing issues, it has probably failed.

I think any parents awaiting cochlear implants for their child will be left very confused by it all.

nadateturbe Thu 23-Sep-21 07:17:16

It has made me more aware of issues but its been done in a very boring way. The storylines are all ridiculous at the minute.
Not worth wasting an evening on.

Beechnut Thu 23-Sep-21 07:21:28

No wonder I went to sleep and missed the kidnapping part. Doesn’t sound like it’s worth watching that episode on catch up.

Aveline Thu 23-Sep-21 07:29:29

So glad it's not just me. Judging by the reaction on social media, the producers have badly misjudged this. Freda and her agenda promoting 'deaf culture' has gone down like a lead balloon!

Franbern Thu 23-Sep-21 13:28:59

I always bemused by parents who say they would not take a cure for a child who has an on-going disability -as it would 'take away what they are'.

Deafness is a very disabling condition - nobody in their right mind would wish to prevent a young child from having treatment to enable them to hear.
I have heard similar comments from parents with Downs Syndrome and Autistic children. I think that these people have got so far up their own backsides that they are no longer seeing their children as people, but are almost living on the backs of having a child with a disability.

Galaxy Thu 23-Sep-21 13:39:49

Dear God.

Allsorts Thu 23-Sep-21 13:45:10

Glad I’m not alone. If anyone stopped my child having an operation, the police would have been called, whoever they were. She plays the part of a very embittered unlovable person so why you would want her round your child is just silly.

Doodledog Thu 23-Sep-21 13:47:21

I think there is maybe a case to be made for more people learning to sign, maybe at school, but I’m not sure that the issues are being made clear in Corrie. I’m not really sure what the issues are, apart from the idea that Alex is being pressured to conform to a norm that isn’t his. If the idea is to raise awareness, it hasn’t worked for me.

Aveline Thu 23-Sep-21 14:00:13

It's vital that Aled has his cochlear implant early so he can catch up with spoken communication as fast as possible.
Re soaps: Ben Mitchell in EastEnders seems to manage his cochlear implant fine. I'd like to see Freda trying to discuss the benefits of deafness with him!!

vegansrock Thu 23-Sep-21 15:10:53

Craigie took a while to turn up to the kidnapping. Yes ridiculous storyline I understand the deaf culture and keep learning signing message but this was not done in the best way. Freda made it out to be all about her feelings. As for boring Zeedan, another duff storyline.

sodapop Thu 23-Sep-21 19:03:14

I thought it was just me vegansrock Zeedan is so flat and emotionless.