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Our Yorkshire Farm

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Grannynannywanny Tue 05-Oct-21 09:57:21

Delighted to see the return of one of my favourite programmes tonight at 9pm. I love watching their life on the farm. The children are wonderful.

glammanana Tue 05-Oct-21 10:16:07

Thanks for the reminder I also love this programme it will be good to see how the children have grown since the last series specially little Clemmie who I just find so cute.
I was due to go and see Amanda's talk about life on The Farm at our local theatre in September but it was cancelled due to Covid restrictions we are waiting for it to be rescheduled for next year.

LindaPat Tue 05-Oct-21 10:27:44

We were also due to see Amanda last year, it was cancelled for obvious reasons, but the venue in West Yorkshire have rebooked her for this December. Our tickets are still valid.

Hope you get to see her show. We love the programme. Managed to catch her on the BBC Breakfast show this morning!

Take care x

Sarnia Tue 05-Oct-21 11:18:08

Amanda Owen will be a speaker at a big WI event in a fortnight. I am looking forward to seeing her.

travelsafar Wed 06-Oct-21 16:44:11

Loved this last night. Perfect viewing in my

Forsythia Wed 06-Oct-21 18:24:47

A lovely programme and all children are lovely too and a credit to both parents. Easy pleasant watching.

JaneJudge Wed 06-Oct-21 18:31:42


LucyW Wed 06-Oct-21 18:46:43

It is lovely to see the children outdoors and really experiencing life rather than stuck in front of a screen. I love how even the little one are encouraged to take on responsibility for tasks.

Grannynannywanny Wed 06-Oct-21 19:40:05

I saw the oldest son Reuben make a brief appearance on another farming programme last week. I think it was called A Week On The Farm. He restored a vintage farm machine for them. He’s a great lad and seems to have a real talent when it comes to engines and machinery.

He works hard round the farm and is a lovely big brother to all the younger brothers and sisters.

merlotgran Wed 06-Oct-21 19:44:06

Was last night’s episode a repeat?

JaneJudge Wed 06-Oct-21 19:44:44

I don't think so

LauraNorder Wed 06-Oct-21 19:52:41

Lovely programme, what a great family, what a great way to grow up.
Lots of good life lessons along the way.

NanKate Wed 06-Oct-21 20:27:07

I never see the children argue, or cry, or refuse to do any job and the best thing is they are not glued to their IPads. I wish my lovely grandchildren could have a week on the farm and emulate that lifestyle. Finally they all eat the same food 😳

travelsafar Tue 12-Oct-21 23:14:06

Loved tonight's episode, the children are delightful. Especially loved hearing the little girls discussing the buildi g of a 'yam hospipoo' lol

25Avalon Tue 12-Oct-21 23:15:31

The football was on! Hopefully it will be repeated at the weekend.

Kate1949 Tue 12-Oct-21 23:26:17

Little Joe sad

PollyTickle Wed 13-Oct-21 00:46:49

They are such a delight this really is reality tv as it should be. Proper genuine, sincere, happy, down to earth, real people.

sharon103 Wed 13-Oct-21 01:37:31

The new series started last Tuesday. Filmed during the winter.
I absolutely love this programme. What wonderful memories they'll have when they get older.

BigBertha1 Wed 13-Oct-21 08:32:09

So sad that the pony died of old age ?heart attack. Amanda was brilliant as she usually is with the children teaching them about his death and letting them stroke him and say goodbye.

Shelflife Wed 13-Oct-21 08:47:50

A delightful programme, I love it! The children are so happy and carry out their various responsibilities with enthusiasm. The bit where Ananda and the children were at the pond with the frogs was memorable. I am sure that off camera the children have their squabbles! Absolute joy to witness their extraordinary life and and to see the beauty of Yorkshire.

Scones Wed 13-Oct-21 08:57:09

I so enjoy this show. What a loving family they are. The landscape and wildlife are wonderful and their home so cosy. For me Clive is the star, such a gentle man. I love seeing him with the children who all adore him. He and Sidney seem like peas in a pod.

Shinamae Wed 13-Oct-21 09:01:13

Delightful and heartwarming,one of the few programs I actually smile at whilst watching…🙂

Hetty58 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:15:15

It must be just me, then, who's watched - but found it all rather twee and sickly. The suffering of those poor farm animals puts me off. Still, the income from all the TV stuff must be welcome.

Scones Wed 13-Oct-21 09:21:21

They seem devoted the their animals to me and go to huge lengths to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Am I missing something?

Shropshirelass Wed 13-Oct-21 09:21:57

I love this programme, what a fabulous family. All the children learn how to look after the animals properly and understand life and death, they have values. I think all children should have this sort of life instead of being stuck in front of screens with the latest ‘wants’. In reality I know they can’t. I wish my DM could have seen it, she would have loved it.

Hetty 58. What suffering. The farm animals are well looked after, I am from a farming family and there is no suffering that I can see.